The Power Of Compelling Content And Your Brand

  • By , Published November 13, 2014

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    Are you even aware how important content is to your brand? And not just the content on your website, though that’s probably the most important. Any message you release to the world has an impact on your brand. To control your brand story, you must have complete control of your content. Still not sure how powerful your content is? Let’s examine some truths.

    Your Content Conveys Your Brand

    If you’re not regularly sharing content with your followers, there is a very good chance they’ll make up their own message regarding your brand. A stagnant content strategy removes your branding power because you’re not taking the opportunity to share your brand’s voice and vision every chance you get.

    By creating and publishing content on a regular basis, you control the message your buyers hear. As long as your content maintains your brand voice, informs your customer base, solves your buyers’ pain points, and remains relevant at all times, your content could be the number-one, most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

    Your Content Speaks In Your Voice

    As a brand, you’ve worked hard to create and maintain a specific voice. How do you think your followers, leads, and buyers hear that voice if you’re not providing quality content? Your blog, website copy, videos, social media posts, and graphic design all work together to convey your brand’s image, vision, and, yes, your voice.

    That’s why particular attention to each word or image you publish is so important. Whether you’re crafting blogs or updating the material on your website, keep your buyer personas in mind. How will they interpret your content? Will that interpretation support the brand image you’ve worked so hard to cultivate? That is the true power of compelling content and how it affects your voice.

    Your Content Says You’re an Expert

    Your potential customers want someone with specialized knowledge in your field. The more you know about your products and services—and the more you share that knowledge with your followers—the more powerful your content will be. With every word you publish or video you share, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Beat your competition by proving yourself the true expert in your field.

    To do this, you must create and publish truly compelling content. There is no room for social media posts that don’t continue to inform and entertain or blogs that are filled with fluff to meet a particular word count. Create thoughtful posts that consider your buyer personas and their every pain point. You’ll be the go-to guy in no time.

    Your Content Directs Your Traffic

    Without adequate content, your site could suffer at the hands of search engines. Every word and image you publish should work toward driving more traffic to your site. That means you have a responsibility to your company and to your target to publish only the highest quality, most relevant content possible.

    Understanding your brand and sharing your knowledge are both huge requirements for creating content that will boost your SEO results. Without first concentrating on your brand strategy, you can’t possibly create content your buyers personas will find. Without knowledgeable content, Google may deem your content irrelevant or of poor quality. And we all know what happens to content Google doesn’t like.

    Creating a content strategy that takes all of these points into account isn’t an easy task. Start first with a solid, unwavering understanding of your brand, and the rest will follow.

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