The Growth in Usage of Virtual Digital Assistants [Infographic]

— May 1, 2018

Virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming common by the day. The number of people using virtual assistant has been growing exponentially and is expected to hit 1.8 billion in 2021. From being used for personal user, virtual assistants are finding place in the workplace as well. The combination of Artificial Intelligence, Voice Command and Voice Recognition are some of the features that have made it possible for digital assistants to find their place in the workplace.

Virtual Digital Assistant Usage - Statistics and Trends

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Why Digital Assistants?

There is certainly a reason behind the rise of digital assistants in both personal and workplace use. Companies are recognizing the fact that many users are experiencing cognitive overload problem. Consumers can get overwhelmed given the plethora of devices and, therefore, the quantity of data they can access and consume over the internet. The solution to this problem is digital assistants. The work of the digital assistant, as the name suggests, is to assist you in your numerous digital tasks by first learning about your background and preferences, context and motivations. They then search for the right content, recommend or deliver the right content in real-time.

Indeed the future of digital assistant is bright. According to Fast Company, more business tasks will be automated in the future, thus freeing workers from performing repetitive, monotonous tasks so that they can concentrate on tasks that are more productive. In addition to that, digital assistants have the potential to create a more supportive and inclusive workplace environment. They can play a very big role in changing how workers interact with each other at work.

Digital assistants have also been mooted to play a critical role in HR. they will essentially eliminate human errors like biases and conflicts as well as assist in hiring the right people. Digital assistants could also help in collecting, analyzing and presenting employee data to the management, essentially improving career satisfaction and enhancing performance.

The future of Digital Assistants is Bright

Since digital assistants can do these tasks accurately and efficiently, there is no denying the fact that they are here to stay in many years to come.

According to Talent Culture, virtual assistant tools will become more powerful as they share data. as developers create mechanisms for sharing data such as renting out data centers, digital assistants will bring the necessary changes in the work place. In other words, what we are likely to experience is that some work will become obsolete, thanks to improvements in workplace productivity.

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