The 50 Hottest Twitter Marketing Resources

  • March 14, 2015

    Twitter is an fantastic tool to market your business on the web to attract new leads and customers, however most people are under using the potential of tweeting because they’re not using the right resources to support their social marketing efforts.

    We’ve compiled the ultimate list of what we consider to be 50 of the hottest Twitter marketing resources, so try some of these out to spice up your Twitter timeline…

    1. Meerkat
    One of the newest crazes on Twitter. Install the app and start broadcasting a live video stream directly into Twitter from your mobile phone or tablet.

    2. Twitter Native Video
    Twitter recently incorporated the ability to share a video directly from it’s mobile app.

    3. Vine
    Share a short looping video with your followers, great for quick viral content.

    4. Tweetdeck
    One of the most popular free Twitter management tools on the planet

    5. Hootsuite
    Looking for a more scaleable way to manage Twitter (and other social media) within your company? Hootsuite is a paid for alternative to Tweetdeck.

    Track how you’re doing on Twitter. Analyze the relationships you have with your followers.

    7. SocialBro
    Another great tool to gain insight into your Twitter community marketing

    8. SocialMention
    Track what people are saying about you and your business on Twitter and across other social media.

    9. Topsy
    Search and analyze the social web. Search every tweet that’s been published since 2006 just like you search for websites on Google.

    10. Tweetstats
    Get the statistics of your Twitter account laid out in easy to understand graphs.

    11. Retweetability
    Test whether that tweet you’re just about to publish will get retweeted or not.

    12. MyTopTweet
    Analyze your (or any other) Twitter account to find the most retweeted tweet from the last 3200 tweets on the account.

    13. Twitter Advanced Search
    Many people forget that Twitter is a great research tool too. Do your advanced searches directly on Twitter itselff.

    14. Twitter Search For Firefox
    Search Twitter directly from your browser. A plugin that adds Twitter as a search source in the Firefox search bar.

    15. WhatTheTrend
    Want to know what’s trending on Twitter? Jump in to the conversation and get maximum engagement on the topic of the day.

    16. #OwnTheMoment
    Stuck for ideas on what to Tweet? Check out Twitter’s own OwnTheMoment calendar tools for topical ideas to write about on your timeline.

    17. Foller.Me
    Get rich insights into any public Twitter profile. Particularly useful for creating tag clouds about what users are talking about in their Twitter timelines.

    18. NearbyTweets
    Find out what people are talking about near you. Great for hyper local engagement

    19. Twilert
    Get real time alerts via email when a keyword or hashtag is mentioned on Twitter. Great for monitoring what’s being said about your company or brand.

    The go to search engine for Hashtags. Discover who’s talking about what on Twitter

    21. Hashtagify
    Find the best Twitter hashtags to reach your audience. A great visual tool to research and discover hashtags that could be relevant to your business.

    22. Ritetag
    Find the perfect hashtags for your tweets in real time. Add this to your Twitter timeline and get instant hashtag analytics as you type your tweet.

    23. Tweriod
    Find out the best time to tweet. Tweriod analyses your tweets and your followers tweets so you can find the best time to reach others on Twitter.

    24. Klout
    Measure how influential you are on Twitter (and other social networks)

    25. Keyhole
    A more comprehensive real time keyword and campaign tracking tool for businesses using Twitter.

    26. Mention
    Another comprehensive real time tracking tool for businesses that want to monitor brand mentions on Twitter.

    27. TwitterCounter
    Keep track of your twitter accounts, get stats on impact, progress and reach every hour.

    28. Followerwonk
    A free tool from Moz Analytics to run advanced Twitter bio and profile searches

    29. Buffer
    Schedule your Tweets for maximum visibility across time zones and to reduce your manual workload on Twitter

    30. Tweetmyevents
    Promote your events on the Twitter platform and get more people attending.

    31. Nurph
    The simplest and easiest web based Twitter Chat client

    32. Tweetchat
    Another great web based Twitter Chat client

    33. #SproutChat
    One of the best social media Twitter chats, organized by @SarahNagel at SproutSocial. Jump in at 2pm ET every Wednesday

    The most popular URL shortening service, save those precious characters in your tweets

    35. Sniply
    A clever URL shortening service that allows you to embed a message overlaid on the page that your links direct to (even if that page isn’t yours)

    36. Twitter Mobile App
    Twitter in your pocket 24/7, available on Android and iPhone devices

    37. Paperli
    Create your own online newspaper in minutes, publish it on Twitter and other social media.

    38. Storify
    Pull together your Twitter content and publish it in a digest on the web.

    39. Twibbon
    Allows users to add a Twitter Ribbon to their Twitter avatar. If you’re garnering support for a cause, gather a tribe and spread the word with a Twibbon.

    40. TwitDoc
    Ever wanted to share a document easily on Twitter? Twitdoc to the rescue.

    41. Imgly
    The easy way to share your images on Twitter using less of those precious 140 characters

    42. TwitterFeed
    Feed the RSS feed of your blog automatically to Twitter (and other social media). Never forget to share that post again.

    43. ClickToTweet
    WordPress plugin that lets you create click to tweet boxes anywhere in your blog post. Get your blog readers sharing your content with one click.

    44. AccessPress Twitter Feed
    Display real time Twitter feeds on your website with widgets and sliders.

    45. Revive Old Post
    Use your blog archives to feed your Twitter timeline. Get more mileage out of your content and tweet it automatically on a regular basis to your following.

    46. Social Media Feather
    If you want to add Twitter and other social media sharing and following buttons to your WordPress website this lightweight plugin will help get your content shared by your readers.

    47. Slick Social Share Buttons
    Another easy to use Twitter (and other social) sharing plugin for WordPress, this time in the form of a floating or sliding panel.

    48. Twitter Hover Tweet
    Quickly and easily add hover-over Tweet buttons to your images on the fly making them instantly “Tweet-able” on Twitter.

    49. Tweetable Shortcode
    Make sentences within your blog posts instantly tweetable with this Twitter plugin for WordPress. Uses shortcodes so easy to use for beginners.

    50. TweetDis
    Another great plugin to make the text in your WordPress posts Tweetable. Get your readers tweeting notable quotes from your content.

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