Stop Worrying About SEO

— August 19, 2017

Stop Worrying About SEO And Start Writing.

I found this article on writing SEO content by my colleague Timothy Hands to be a good read and on target with my thought process:

I loathe how it’s made out to be a complicated, non-understandable concept that allows others to over charge customers for work, that in many cases, is not necessary.

I firmly believe if you stop focusing on SEO, regularly write good content on a consistent basis providing answers to your customers questions, it will come naturally.

Granted there are some aspects of SEO which must be addressed at the time your site is built and others that should be looked at periodically, BUT if you take care of the basics as you add content to your site:

  • Adding metadata at the write lengthStop Worrying About SEO
  • Create good SEO title
  • Use image tags for all media

and pay attention to a few guidelines when you write:

  • Avoid intentional keyword stuffing
  • keep articles to 300+ words
  • Put some effort into sharing what you’ve written
  • Write consistently (even if that is only twice per month)
  • Write in a natural, conversational style (it doesn’t have to be textbook perfect and you’re trying to connect with the reader)

SEO does and will, over time, take care of itself.

I’ve used this approach for Tactical Social Media (as well as my previous business). Having never done keyword research for myself, I still pull in SERPs for more than 80 (seems as I keep writing on social and SEO topics those keywords naturally appear in my content and create site-wide density), others are finding and linking back to my content naturally and the quality and consistency of my content lead to my blog being syndicated. The result – a domain authority score of 21 for a brand and website that did not exist 11 months ago.

Is that the BEST option? Maybe not. For the small business owner, the solopreneur who is already buried under tasks and still needs to figure out how to consistently blog (not to mention be active on social sites) it’s a good one. There’s only so much one can do. At some point we need to consider the ‘diminishing returns’ factor.

At what point does the time, effort and stress of trying to consistently craft the perfect SEO optimized content outweigh the value received? At what point does trying lead to you simply NOT doing it at all?

Stop worrying about SEO!

Stress less, write more. It may take more time to get there, but as they say, it’s the journey that matters. Better to be happy and enjoy the ride.

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