Social Media Statistics: How to Make Use of Data for Your Business

— April 27, 2017

growing brand awareness, engagement and leads and more? That’s what you want, right?

Do you have to be on every social media platform?

There is no clear-cut answer to this.

Take stock of your business resources and how much you want to commit to social media – that would include time, money and staff. If you don’t have enough of all of those, pick the one where MANY of your clients are active.

Test it.

Measuring it is the most solid way to figure out if it truly truly truly works for your business. You can’t get reliable data on a few try, however. This takes time and relentless consistency.

Are the millennial your target audience? A lot of them are NOT on LinkedIn, and you know that, right?

If your target audience is the male population, you would not want to hang out on Pinterest too much. I know there are many cute things there, but….

If unsure, IMHO, the best place to start is Facebook. Yeeees!


According to Statistista, in January 2017, Facebook had 1.87 million active users compared to other 21 social media platforms worldwide. The business owners you are targeting are perhaps Moms and Dads who may be engaging with their family on Facebook.

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