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July 31, 2015

Today’s social media gadget post is about Boomf. Boomf, aside from being an excellent word to say, is a company that put your Instagram photos on to marshmallows. “Multi-sensory magical marshmallows” as the tagline goes kind of sums it up but let’s have a think about the pros and cons and how one might actually use Boomf in actual real life.

Photos on marshmallows, really?

You bet! I’m not sure which train of thought is less insane; someone looking at a marshmallow and yearning for it to have a pic from last night plastered all over it or someone flicking through their Instagram pictures and wishing they could eat them. Either way, Boomf was gloriously born, bringing joy, vanity and type two diabetes to all who feast upon her fruits.

Social media gadget: Boomf marshmallows

Where can I upload them from?

No Instagram? No sweat. You can, of course(!), use images from Facebook and your computer as well as their stock designs for your Boomfs – makes sense really. There are only so many selfies and so many filters you can cram on to 9 marshmallows. They say a picture paints a thousands words, but a selfie with Valencia paints just one: “idiot”.

They also have some cracking idea about what you might actually do with your Boomf between receiving them and eating them. Again, I’m sure there’s something wrong about playing with one’s food but perhaps a Boomf is enough of a highbred that you can’t contract hepatitis or salmonella from them. Even if your cat has wandered off with it and given it a roll round in the litter tray.

The perfect gift?

Have a great memory to share with a bestie? Why not print it on a marshmallow and enjoy with a cuppa?

Know someone who has always fancied themselves just a little bit too much? Give them a less than subtle hint by suggesting they should go the whole hog and actually eat themselves.Boomf on straws

Maybe you fancy melting your arch nemesis over the bonfire before eating them in all their gooey multi-sensory glory.

People still love stuff, don’t get me wrong, but having a few less photo frames to find a box under the bed mantlepiece for is no bad thing. Besides, you’ll always have a non-marshmallow version of the photo on Instagram, maybe you can print it on something less perishable if you really want something inedible.

But here’s the thing:

£15 for a box of 9 makes Boomf expensive. Expensive in that you could acquire 9 photos (without an expiry date) and 9 marshmallows for about £2. But it’s not the point is it? It’s a novelty. It’s function is, let’s be honest, completely ridiculous.

What do you think? Great gift or just a little bit weird?

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