SEO Services: How to Respond to Lackluster Performance

April 21, 2015

Waiting to see results is the most difficult part of SEO services. You know that SEO strategies don’t work overnight, but what happens if you’ve been waiting for several months and you haven’t noticed the slightest increase in your page rank? At this point, it’s worth double checking a few factors. Here are three things you can do to get your SEO campaign on track:

Allow Google to crawl your site

This is a frustratingly common problem when businesses handle SEO on their own. The worst thing you can do (besides get a penalty) is restrict Google from crawling your site. When that happens, it won’t matter what SEO tactics you employ.

According to a recent Forbes article, you should check your Google Webmaster account to see if there are any crawl errors associated with your site:

“If your site isn’t coming up in any search results, ever, it’s possible you’ve inadvertently restricted the search engines from accessing your site. The best way to ensure this isn’t the case is making sure you have a Google Webmaster account, and checking your account for crawl errors.”

Expand your website content

Another typical reason for a lackluster page rank is thin website content. You should reevaluate your content and see if there’s anything you can add.

The real problem here is that “thin content” is a relative term. Even if you thought your content was expansive in 2010, it’s almost definitely thin by now. That’s just the direction online marketing and SEO went.

Reevaluate your keywords and headlines 

While you’re evaluating your content for its depth and value, you should also take a look at technical SEO factors. See if you followed basic SEO rules when you entered keywords and headlines. Just a tiny mistake in this area can leave your SEO strategy incomplete.

There’s always a possibility to improve your SEO campaign. To learn more about SEO services you should contact a professional.

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