Recruiting As A Career: Is It The Right Path For You?

by Michelle White July 1, 2016
July 1, 2016

We’ll be completely honest: We know that the recruitment field often gets a bad rep. It’s an industry shared equally by dinosaurs, start-ups, and every company in between, which means best practices and company culture vary wildly. You might have heard horror stories, but we can guarantee there’s an equal if not greater number of stories of high reward and great impact.

At CyberSearch, we’re running away fast from the “used car salesman” stereotype some recruiters have gained, in order to craft a job opportunity that truly appeals to people. Is recruiting as a career the right path for you?

It’s More Than Just a Job

We fully believe that a recruiting career is more than merely filling an empty desk. It’s a position with major career potential and professional development opportunity. It’s also a role that comes with the opportunity to make a real difference.

Most people spend at least a third of their working lives in the office. That’s a significant portion of their lives, which makes for a real opportunity for you to impact them on a personal level. As a recruiter, you’ll focus on finding the perfect fit for someone’s career aspirations, experience, and talents. We know from experience that when you make that perfect match, it doesn’t just make their day – it makes their life. What a reward.

With this in mind, it’s clear why the best recruiters are ones who are passionate about their work. Does that sound like you? Are you motivated by the prospect of making a difference? Are you excited about the opportunity to grow professionally alongside a team of equally passionate individuals? Are you a people person who’s in it for more than just a paycheck at the end of the day?

It Takes Grit

Although recruiting is a very unique sector of sales, it still embodies many of the same sales components. Essentially, this means you should be a fairly competitive individual. A lot of recruiting results are driven purely by numbers. The ratio of submitted applications to interviews to placements takes some careful mathematics. What this means is that it’s easy to measure your progress and see how you’re ranking against the average ratios.

But recruiting is also more than just a numbers game. It takes initiative and an outgoing personality. It means taking obstacles in stride and getting creative. There’s a lot of variety in recruiting. Every company, every requisition, and every candidate presents a unique array of circumstances, and it takes a particular combination of skill, grit, and magic to bring it all together. If that sounds like an exciting challenge to face head on, you might just be the perfect candidate.

It Values Relationships

The staffing and recruiting industry is all about people. Companies are built on their people. And people make the company. It’s a fluid, magical cycle in which recruiting plays a major role. You don’t have to be an extravert to be an outstanding recruiter, but you do have to value the power of building relationships and networks. Embarking on a new career is a big deal for our candidates, and they need to know they can trust you to sail them through the process smoothly and successfully.

Excellent communications skills are non-negotiable, and if you can infect the passion you have for your job into the candidate, then that’s even better. Whether you’re making connections in person, over the phone, and through LinkedIn, you probably have the type of personality that others are naturally attracted to. A healthy dose of confidence and a passionate, outgoing, and overall friendly temperament are key elements to becoming a great recruiter.

It Means Inevitable Rejection

Recruiting is one of the only sales jobs where the product you’re selling can turn around and refuse to be sold. If we haven’t stressed it enough already, we’ll mention it once more: This is a people industry. Both the buyers and the products are people with unique needs, goals, preferences and preconceptions.

If you’re not overly familiar with rejection, you’re going to get a generous dose of it very quickly as a recruiter. The key to coping with this is knowing that the rejection is never personal. Even the best of the best recruiters have to face this hard fact.

Whether it’s simply jobseekers who don’t want to talk to or work with you or it’s a deal that completely falls through when your candidates refuses the offer, the best thing you can do it move on. Fixating on the negative outcome is the quick route to lost productivity and decreased morale.

Is a Recruiting Career the Right Path for You?

Passion, grit, relationship-building, and resilience; these are all qualities we believe make a great recruiter. So is a recruiting career the right path for you? At CyberSearch, we’re passionate about our people. IT recruiting is our specialty and we’re always looking for the right person to join our team. Find out more here and let us know if you’re the person we’re looking for!

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