Re-Engagement Emails – The Divine Jackfruit [Infographic]

by Jaymin Bhuptani February 11, 2016
February 11, 2016

It is heart-breaking to say that every year, email marketers lose 25% of their email list. The reasons can be many, but the result is the same. A consumer, who is subscribed to your services, but isn’t engaging to them may increase your chances of being flagged as spam. According to one of the recently held surveys, 75% of email subscribers are inactive.

As mentioned above, reasons for un-engagement can be many and some of them are;

  • Frequent emails
  • Non-relevancy
  • Disinterested subscribers
  • Decreased open rates and clicks

How unengaged subscribers can hurt you?

  • Subscribed but inactive consumers hurt engagement rates
  • Less engagement equals to poor inbox placement rate
  • ISPs keep an eye on the inactive subscribers’ accounts
  • ISPs convert them into spam traps after recycling them

What re-engagement emails have in store?

Re-engagement emails serve a divine purpose of bringing your dead email list to life. This is one of the prime reasons for it to be referred as the divine jackfruit. They not only help in spreading the positive carry forward effect on subscribers’ engagement, but also increase the readability of subsequent emails up to 24%.

How the magic of this divine jackfruit works?

Re-engagement emails, also called the win-back emails can help in increasing the engagement rates as a survey stated that 45% of recipients receive re-engagement emails and read subsequently. However, that makes it quintessential to include a few steps like:

  • Planning & strategizing
  • Creating stellar subject line with irresistible offers
  • Segment the re-engaged users and indulge in follow-up
  • Robust on boarding program with accurate testing

Re-engagement emails – Excellent best practices

  • Develop a dialogue and action
  • Workout on your design & copy
  • Test before sending
  • Define the inactivity
  • Bid farewell

Escaping from the deadly & vicious circle

  • Keeping an eye on the sources that are fetching more inactive consumers
  • Opt-in procedures need to be checked thoroughly
  • Reminding your subscribers why they fell for your services in the first place

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Re-engagement Infographic

Check the detailed infographic here

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