Proven Strategies To Succeed In PPC

By September 2nd, 2015


There are many different digital marketing methods businesses can use to deliver web traffic to a website. SEO and Social Media efforts are good ways to generate traffic, but these can take time while waiting for ranking improvements and audience building. For businesses that need to be seen in the top of the search results quickly, pay per click campaigns are a great solution for making sure your business is visible. Here are some strategies for running a successful campaign.

Ad Copy

A successful PPC campaign starts with great ad copy. Make sure your campaign contains several ads so they can relate to a specific search query or keyword in which a user may be exposed to your ad. Using a few generic ads will not always lead a user to click if they feel your ad doesn’t relate to what they are searching for.

Ad Testing

Another key component to qualifying the traffic coming to your site and making sure your budget is efficient, is testing multiple ads. When first launching a new campaign, using 2 or 3 ads in rotation for your ad groups and keyword themes will allow you to test what messaging and ad copy users respond to best. Looking at the data for click through rates and conversion rates can help you identify a clear winner for what gives you the best users and leads.

Call To Action

A strong call to action within your ad copy will help generate more clicks. Text and especially image ads running on display networks should contain messaging that will entice users to click and visit your site. Simple phrases like “learn more…” or “free estimate..” can help generate a better click through rate.


Depending on your industry and how far you can service or reach potential customers, you will need to make sure you use the geographical target settings to ensure your ads are appearing in front of the correct audience. Having improper settings or even targeting markets you don’t serve can lead to a poor performing campaign and waste your budget.

Landing Pages

It takes more than just increasing your web traffic to your site, even if it’s the right traffic, to have a successful PPC campaign. Making sure you engage your website visitors with a proper landing page is key to getting your website to generate leads. Having a professional and user friendly landing page that specifically addresses the interest and search query that led the visitor to your site will help ensure your traffic is qualified and engaged.

Mobile Tactics

Not all tactics for a PPC campaign will work the same regardless of the device a user is searching on. As mobile based searches continue to increase significantly, setting up proper mobile ads should be a priority for any pay per click campaign. Make sure part of your campaign includes mobile friendly ads that use ad extensions and call extensions. Using a good call to action in your copy like “call now..” with the call extension can help potential customers reach you immediately.

Through paid search, you can easily see an increase in the amount of traffic to your website, but taking some time to properly set up your campaign and landing pages can help you run an efficient program that also sends qualified users and leads.

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Proven Strategies To Succeed In PPC
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