Office Move Basics: How To Make Your Office Move Stress-Free

Office Move Basics: How To Make Your Office Move Stress-Free

Imagine this – you’re going to your new office. You meet your coworkers, all working from their new desks and their updated hardware. You go to your new office, with your new chair, and start work while looking at the great view from your window. That’s the dream, right? Moving out of your office to your dream office or even opening a new branch of your company can be perhaps one of the best feelings to have as a manager or even a business owner. Thing is, you also have to consider factors outside the actual move – how much will moving cost? What would it need? Who do you need to hire? How will this affect operations?

And thinking about this from that perspective can certainly make your office move a bummer… but not totally impossible. Here are some tips you can do to make your move stress-free:

  • Visit the neighborhood of your new office. Aside from making sure your new office is equipped with the right materials and equipment for your company’s needs, you might want to familiarize yourself with the new neighborhood. This gives you the opportunity to sort out paperwork such as utilities and other expenses. This lets you determine if there are nearby apartments and hotels for your employees, or even methods of transportation like the commute. This also lets you know whether there are relevant institutions nearby, such as schools and hospitals, emergency respondents like the police, or even services such as moving and packing that may be useful for your needs.
  • Determine things that need replacement and what else you need to buy. When you plan on moving to your new office, it’s also important to determine what parts of the office need replacement and modification as well. You may have your things to move, but they might not be enough to keep your office well-equipped and well-supplied. Consider checking and restocking office supplies such as paper, and purchase new equipment such as desks and computers. It’s important to consider updating your office equipment to their optimum form so they’re able to support your operations as soon as you’re ready to move in with the team.
  • Create a schedule that works with your company operations and needs. Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you should compromise office work and operations. When you want to finalize your office move or even opening your new branch, consider ensuring you have all aspects of your work covered. Your employees should be informed of the company’s move plans so they can plan accordingly, and your clients should be informed of your move plans as well. This ensures everything about your company’s office move won’t compromise your sales and other important parts of your company’s performance.
  • Hire a reliable professional service. Just because you have employees to help out doesn’t mean you can simply rely on them to do the move. Your employees specialize in different aspects of work, and as such may pose a huge risk to things to be moved like sensitive equipment. Instead, it can help to hire a professional service like designers for your office interior, and long distance moving companies for the handling of the actual move. Their experience and specialization in conducting moves make them a perfect fit for your office needs.

Make Your Office Moves Stress-Free

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to consider that office moves might require a lot of logistical support on your part to execute and fulfill. After all, unlike a house move, you don’t just have to pack up your stuff and move to your “new home.” Your office move needs to take into consideration your operations, goals and projections, as well as your adjustment periods. Hopefully, the above tips have been able to give you a better idea on how to conduct more efficient office moves.

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