New Year, New Email Program

by Rupert Adam December 18, 2015
December 18, 2015

2016 is just around the corner and while most marketers are busy with getting Christmas out of the way, it won’t be long until we need to implement our new strategies for 2016.

Where to start?

It’s easy to put things off because we don’t know where to start, and planning our email marketing is no different. A good place to start is by identifying quick wins. This could be refreshing your templates, tweaking your data capture or putting in place a couple of simple segmentation rules.

What is the biggest bang for your buck?

Chances are, this will be introducing new triggered messages which are going to drive large amounts of revenue such as shopping cart recovery or win backs. To help you make decisions on where to put campaigns like this in place, you will need to interrogate your data in order to understand the size of the opportunity. You are looking for large groups of subscribers where only small incremental changes in behaviour are required for big performance.

How to improve relevance?

We all know the importance of relevance within email marketing, how you can improve it is something your need to always be thinking about across all of your emails. A lack of relevance leads to customers becoming disengaged with your emails and it’s difficult to win them back after this. So how do you go about improving this? It could be something as simple as adding gender splits on your campaigns or the addition of personalised content based upon past purchases or preferences.

What about new subscribers?

Getting off to a good start with your new subscribers is crucial as your initial email to a new subscriber sets the standard of what they will expect to receive. If they feel as though your emails aren’t right for them from the very start then you will struggle to get them to open any future emails. Breaking out new subscribers is important for that reason – they have not experienced any of your past emails so you will see much better percentage changes to performance here than with existing fatigued subscribers.

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