Network Marketing Training – The Number One MLM Training Myth

Once you have begun your network marketing training and are on the verge of starting out in your own MLM business, you may be told by your upline that everyone should be considered as a prospect. There are many myths about the MLM and network marketing training, the most common myth, however, is the “friends and family” MLM recruiting myth. In fact this could well be the number one network marketing training myth keeping you from success. Let’s take a closer look at what I mean… What is the very first thing all people tend to do after finding out about a great opportunity? We tell someone about it, not just anyone, but family and friends. They are usually the first people on your hit list. However, these people will most likely not share the same interest in your company as you. Just because they happen to be your closest friends or family doesn’t mean they want to start a business or use the same products.. Yet many newcomers to MLM naturally gravitate to this unqualified group of prospects, just because they happen to be the closest group of warm bodies and they already have an existing relationship with them. The shocking truth is that over 90% of network marketers don’t succeed in recruiting more than 2 people using this method. Often they only succeed in feeling a heightened sense of rejection which can lead to them leaving the business. So the chances of your friends and family sharing the same interest in your company as you is slim. And if this is the primary source of your prospects, the chances of your MLM business collapsing is high. It should be obvious that this is a weak source of leads, and one that cannot be depended upon to sustain the ongoing growth of you business. It is likely that most of your recruits found in this fashion are in fact not marketers at all. They will be the least willing to undertake network marketing training, and so will be the least likely to help you replicate your business. Your best bet in succeeding is to ally yourself with other people who share the same passion, vision and interest. These are other network marketers, business opportunity seekers and entrepreneurs. By approaching your prospecting with this in mind, and with proper network marketing training, you can be successful in recruiting like-minded people, essentially enabling you to achieve your desired success. Of course there are many effective ways to generate leads and grow your business. Once you understand the biggest myth in network marketing training, you can seek out those methods which resonate best with you.