Lost Your Entrepreneurial Spark? Here Are 3 Ideas to Get Yourself Motivated and Inspired Again

— July 27, 2018

The life of an entrepreneur certainly comes with a long list of challenges and not just business-related ones. A successful entrepreneur, by nature, is a disrupter. Entrepreneurs forge their own path and look for new, exciting ways to shake up the market and try something totally different.

Staying inspired is an essential part of entrepreneurial success, but the daily grind of establishing a business and keeping it going can cause that motivation and spark to dwindle. Many entrepreneurs suffer from periods of “burn out” – which can sadly turn into depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, a third of entrepreneurs report bouts of these two feelings, a rate that is nearly twice as high as the national average.

If you feel uninspired, at a loss when it comes to new ideas, or simply bored with your day-to-day life, you may have lost that entrepreneurial spark that once kept you going. But hope is not lost.

Here are some ways that may help you regain your motivation and inspiration.

1. Make Money off of Passion Rather than Business

Lost Your Entrepreneurial Spark? Here Are 3 Ideas to Get Yourself Motivated and Inspired Again


Entrepreneurs, in general, are looking to solve a problem. They search for gaps in the market that are waiting to be filled by a new idea, product, or company. And while providing a solution to the consumer’s need is absolutely important and noble, chances are that the passion that pushes you towards innovation is not always there.

Instead of focusing on ideas that could earn you a huge profit, look for business opportunities that allow you to make money off of your passions. Take a look at side business ideas, such as selling artwork or photography, teaching online courses, or even starting an online niche business selling any number of interesting products. Simply mixing it up can help work feel more like a fun, profitable hobby rather than a job.

Reconnecting with the things that interest you and make you happy can help you to feel more inspired and at peace with your decision to follow entrepreneurship. Remember, your business doesn’t have to be all about business; it can be fun sometimes, too.

2. Give Freelancing a Shot

Whether you’re new to the realm of entrepreneurship or you’ve been following your path for a while, you have some set of skills that make you valuable. So, instead of holding those skills for your professional advancement, why not share them and earn some income in the process?

Freelance gigs provide you the flexibility to work remotely and on your schedule (within reason of course) while still earning a fairly sizeable income. According to a national survey, the average freelancer earns around $ 19 an hour. If you are selling specific skills, you can earn far more. Legal assistance work costs the most, but IT and programming, engineering, and design work can earn you above-average rates as well.
Lost Your Entrepreneurial Spark? Here Are 3 Ideas to Get Yourself Motivated and Inspired Again


Another great benefit of freelancing is that again it allows you to follow your passion while earning an income. For example, if you love photography and design, you can sell your skills and create marketing content for various brands. This also allows you to expand your horizons and work in industries that you may not have had any experience with before – an opportunity that could even open your eyes to a new business idea.

3. Help Other Struggling Entrepreneurs

Lost Your Entrepreneurial Spark? Here Are 3 Ideas to Get Yourself Motivated and Inspired Again


If you are struggling to stay passionate and motivated, chances are that you are not the only one. It is easy to feel a little isolated as an entrepreneur, especially when you read about all the success stories of others who struck gold and have loved each step of their journey.

But you do not have to suffer alone.

Collaborating with other business owners who are going through the same struggles can be a great way to make a deep connection. If they’re having an issue in a particular area of your expertise, lend them a hand. Helping others not only makes you feel great, but it can also lead to some fantastic business relationships that could be beneficial down the road. Plus, reaching out and forming a community with like-minded people could be the cure to the disappointment and discouragement you may be feeling.

Check out local meetups in your area for small business owners, entrepreneurs, or freelancers like yourself. Or, immerse yourself in active online communities, such as forums or Facebook Groups where you can participate in discussions and get solid advice from people who have been in your shoes. By immersing your efforts into something bigger than just yourself, you may soon find that passion is re-kindled once again.


There is no guaranteed, one-size-fits-all cure for the entrepreneurial blues. It happens to the best of them, and sometimes passion can just slowly dwindle away. But this does not mean that it is lost forever.

Of course, you can’t expect new experiences by trying the same things over and over again. If you’ve lost that spark, it’s time to try something new. Put yourself out there and try marketing your passions or skills as a business. Reach out and make new connections, lend a helping hand, and be ready for some new opportunities that may present themselves.

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