Logistics: An Overlooked High Paying Industry

  • April 30, 2016

    Logistics might not be the first industry mentioned at your child’s career day in school, but it is a large and exciting industry which supports every other conceivable human need. That’s not an understatement. Without logistics, food wouldn’t get to the stores where people buy groceries and items wouldn’t make it to large chain stores (or mom and pop businesses, for that matter). Virtually all of the products and food we consume on a daily basis wouldn’t be here without managed warehousing and transportation. So logisticians might not be mentioned high up on the list of possible job choices for kids whose parents aren’t in the field, but it is an essential and lucrative career path. The icing on the cake? Careers in logistics pay well too.

    8 Reasons to Look at a Career in Logistics

    1. Job Availability at All Education Levels. There are opportunities in this profession at all levels of education. Typically, those with a bachelor’s degree have a higher projected career advancement level, though many professionals start with an associates degree or lower.
    2. Annual Income. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current median income for logistics professionals is $ 73,870 per year ($ 35.51 per hour).
    3. Location and Relocation. Because logistics is vital to all industries, jobs in this field are available in virtually every location. Whether you want to relocate to a new environment or want to settle in your current area, you’ll find employment in this field in or near the place you want to call home.
    4. Specialty Options. Because logistics is such a wide and varied industry, there are plenty of opportunities to specialize in certain sectors which increases your potential for intricate knowledge and hiring desirability.
    5. Career Contentment. Everyone’s looking for a job that not only meets their financial needs but makes them happy. It might surprise you to learn that those in the supply chain and logistics tend to be far more content than professionals in other industries. In fact, in a career study compiled by the Counsel of Supply Chain Management Professionals, 89% indicated that career opportunities in the field were better than ever before and 79% indicated they were happy with their current job.
    6. Advancement Opportunities. Unlike other fields where many professionals reach a pinnacle and stay there, logistics offers ample room for career growth, especially for those professionals who seek to build on their education and are versatile in their ability to manage new responsibilities. Basically, someone who wants to move ahead in the field can find the tools and support to build a lucrative and successful career.
    7. Entry Level Opportunities. For those seeking a career in logistics, there are plenty of entry level opportunities to choose from. Many companies offer internships for those still completing their studies in the field.
    8. Job Security. As long as people are still eating food, using products, and shopping online you can guarantee that the demand for logisticians will hold steady.

    If you’re considering a career change or in the position where you’re just researching possible career options for your future, there are a lot of reasons to take a serious look at logistics.

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