LG web3 partnership launches immersive experiences on TVs

Oorbit partners with LG Electronics to bring immersive music and gaming to LG TVs.

At CES, 3D cloud streaming platform Oorbit announced a partnership with LG Electronics, allowing users to engage in immersive experiences on LG TV sets.

Oorbit hosts multiplayer games and other virtual experiences that users access with a persistent digital identity across these experiences.

Immersive music. Oorbit will host virtual concerts and other immersive music experiences through the ELYNXIR virtual world made by PIXELYNX. PIXELYNX was cofounded by Grammy-winning producer Deadmau5 and electronic musician and DJ Richie Hawtin.

Users who create a digital identity with Oorbit will be able to join experiences on ELYNXIR, as well as other multiplayer experiences through game makers that connect with Oorbit.

PIXELYNX also has a mobile app in the works. In addition to putting on immersive concerts, their aim is to release exclusive music to fans, as well as digital collectibles.


Multiplayer gaming. Oorbit also boasts access to the no-code metaverse platform Auxworld, developed by software company Auxuman. Creators can make their own virtual worlds with Auxworld and other users can then interact in these worlds.

“We’ve been working on the hardware, networking, and software layers to create the metaverse for almost a decade — it just wasn’t called the metaverse back then,” says Pooya Koosha, Chief Technology Officer and Oorbit cofounder, in a statement. “Our proprietary technology is the connective tissue that links virtual worlds together and makes it easy for developers and brands to bring their experiences into the metaverse. Scaling our technology for millions of LG TV customers is the next step in making the metaverse accessible for all.” 

Why we care. With Grammy-winning producer Deadmau5 heavily involved with PIXELYNX, there is a baked-in audience for music fans and gamers to create log-ins on Oorbit through their LG TVs so they can get closer to the music they love. We’ve seen popular artists like YUNGBLUD, as well as athletes like Stephen Curry, create metaverse engagement through their star power.

Beyond this one world, there is an infrastructure within Oorbit and Auxworld for creators to build their own worlds, where many more virtual users can collaborate and play together and jump from experience to experience. That means that at least when users take Oorbit as the jumping off point, their access to these other worlds is interoperable. And interoperability is a key to all the happy talk about the metaverse, and why skeptics are bearish about the likelihood of such an interoperable network going live any time soon.

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