Inbound Lead Generation Checklist [Infographic]

— August 30, 2017

If you’re a digital marketer or a sales professional, creating an inbound strategy for the first time is a daunting and challenging task, to say the least. While there is a wealth of knowledge, free and purchasable online, only a few know where and what to search, and use their newly-found wealth of information to create an inbound lead generation strategy that works.

If you do know the factors to search for about inbound strategy, how do you know what is considered as good practice and where will you be led off track? What do successful digital marketers do to attract high-quality leads into their business? What are things that you should consider in order to get in the right direction?

If these are the questions you are finding yourself faced with, we hope this infographic can help you out. In this infographic, we’ve put together a list of pointers that will allow you to develop a reliable and effective inbound lead generation strategy. These are the tools, tactics, and methods that many successful digital marketers and business owners use to communicate with their prospective leads, turn them into qualified leads, and ultimately, turn them into loyal customers of their business.

Getting to know and mastering these essential tools and methods of inbound lead generation takes time and practice. But when done correctly, all these techniques can help you convert website visitors into qualified leads. From setting the right goals to developing the right online channels and chasing lost leads, here are the key takeaways from the visual guide below from Digital Marketing Philippines which discuss the fundamental elements to ensure a successful inbound lead generation strategy.

  1. Goals and objectives.
  2. Landing page.
  3. Hook or lead magnet.
  4. Email funnel.
  5. Traffic channels.
  6. Ad Messages.
  7. Remarketing.
  8. Email Nurturing.

Check out the infographic checklist below to learn more.

Inbound Lead Generation Checklist [Infographic]

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