How to Use QR Codes For a Contactless Halloween

While the world continues to open back up in small waves, we’re seeing more and more businesses open their doors and create a blend between traditional practices and contactless methods. The world is clamoring to adjust to the new normal whether you’re a restaurant with virtual menus or a business toting the line between in office meetings and remote workers. QR Codes have proven to be a safe and effective way to bridge that delicate balance between reducing physical interaction and still keeping business doors open. This balance is even more vital during the upcoming holiday season where physical engagement and interaction will be at an all time high since we’re no longer quarantined.

If you’re looking to dive into the spooky events of October, QR Codes provide an excellent opportunity to keep your customers and employees safe while still engaging in festive fun.

  1. Candy with QR code stickers on the back to promote business

Your favorite Halloween treats can satisfy your sweet tooth and help promote your business. Whether it’s chocolate, nerds, or your favorite sugary treat you can place a QR Code on the back of a candy bar to help direct your customers to your website or products. Candy will be in abundance over the next few months and whether you’re in the office or at home, this provides a unique opportunity to bring a smile to people’s faces and get creative with your marketing.

  1. QR Codes to purchase tickets at a fall festival, event or haunted house

People are headed outside and looking to get into the fall spirit. Whether it’s a football game, fall festival, or a haunted house, QR Codes are a perfect way to drive traffic to your website for ticket sales. Even though people are looking to celebrate this season, they still want to keep healthy and safe. QR Codes provide a direct link between your customers and their ability to attend an event. They can simply scan the QR Code and then purchase tickets directly from their phone in just a few clicks.

  1. QR Codes for food/drink menus at bars

Restaurants and bars started using QR Codes during the height of the pandemic in order to help with take out orders and increase safety during indoor eating. You can use QR Codes to transform your paper menus into an easily accessible online experience that your customers will love. We’ve seen restaurants place their QR Codes in the middle of their tables, bars place them at the entrance of their establishments, and now you can make your festive menu more accessible as well.

  1. QR Codes to access your photos at a photobooth

Photobooths have continued to grow in popularity over the years and we’ve seen them at all types of events from weddings to concerts. The quirky and niche setups people use to adorn photobooths make them a fun and easy way to make your event memorable. Businesses can change how they distribute their photos by providing a QR Code that can be quickly scanned by the recipients where they can access their photos for a direct download. A photographer can easily place a QR Code anywhere within the booth to be scanned and save time so people are not waiting around for the printed picture.

  1. QR Codes to complete purchases of costumes in retail stores

Halloween came early this year which means your favorite retail shops are hoping you’re ready to purchase your signature costume ahead of schedule. The costume process can already be a very hands-on experience since most shops have dressing rooms where customers can try on their outfits before purchase. Using QR Codes at checkout can help minimize the physical interaction between employees and customers and keep everyone safe. Consider adding QR Codes to the registers or with employees in various parts of the store for a quick and effective checkout.

  1. QR Codes for creating virtual sign in at weddings

Ah the season of love is upon us as we move into the magic of fall and winter for impending nuptials. Whether it’s a guest book or sign in sheet, newlyweds love to have a fun memento to help remember all of their guests. Couples can use a custom QR Code to encourage guests to leave a sentimental note or words of encouragement right from their phones. Unlike a traditional sign in book, a QR Codes can be placed in convenient locations around the wedding venue for easy access.

  1. QR Codes to register employees for festive events

Office parties will be in full swing this season as people get ready to bob for apples, cotton candy eating, and fun games. Whether you have a small business, large corporation, or plan on hosting an event in your neighborhood, the “registration” sheet just got an upgrade. Most people use registration to gauge attendance as they prepare for an upcoming event. Now you can ditch the paper and pen for a QR Code that can be scanned from virtually anywhere in your office. Attach a QR Code to your welcome table, promotional flyer, or within an email to help manage attendance and reduce the spread of people passing around a pen.

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