How to Use Facebook Insights

July 23, 2015

Facebook Insights is their analytics platform for page managers. Anyone that manages a page on Facebook has access to this tool, which is easy to use and can provide exactly what you’d want it to, insights.

Where can you find Facebook Insights?

Log in to Facebook and go directly to your page. There should be a number of options at the top of the page, “Page”, “Messages”, etc. One of them is “Insights”. Click it.

What does Facebook Insights tell you?

Facebook Insights currently breaks itself into 6 categories: Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, Videos, and People.

  • Likes – here you can see how many people liked your page over a given time period, and how and where the like happened.
  • Reach – this page shows you how many people your page reached, or how many people saw something coming from your page. It breaks it down into organic and paid, assuming you pay to show ads or boost posts. And it shows you how many people you pissed off, with total numbers of users who unliked the page, reported your posts as spam, or hide your posts altogether.
  • Visits – quite simply, this page shows you how many people visited your page, how they got there, and what they looked at once they got there.
  • Posts – here you can analyze each post you made to your page to see how many people they reached, number of shares, clicks, likes, and comments. You can also see which types of posts do better than others, and what days of the week or time of the day is most effective.
  • Videos – if you post videos to Facebook, this is where you can see all the viewer stats for those videos.
  • People – this page breaks down all the people who like your page by a variety of different geographical and demographic attributes, including gender, location, language, etc.

How can Facebook Insights help you?

Facebook Insights is a great tool for marketers who want to get more value out of their Facebook account. There are almost an endless number of ways to use the data provided by Facebook Insights, but here are a few suggestions.

  1. Use the posts and reach tabs to learn when and what to post. Find the posts that get the most engagement and start to develop more of them, leaving behind the kinds of posts that don’t do all that well with your fans.
  2. Use the likes and visits tabs to figure out how you’re currently getting people to your Facebook page and double down on those efforts that are bringing them in to grow your total audience.
  3. Use the people tab to track who your fans are and use that information to better target a Facebook ads campaign in an effort to reach more people like them.
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