How to Prepare Highly Interactive Videos For Your Business

— June 3, 2017

Multimedia has become more than just a hyped word in the contemporary world. It is providing various perks to the entrepreneurs all over the world who can use different forms of content in order to reach people effectively. The inability to use the advanced media, these days, is like winning a lottery only to throw it away. Well, the amount of lottery that has been won differs with person to person. Since every industry has different potential and every business is unique, there is no definite formula for taking advantage of the multimedia. The basic rule behind forming highly interactive content in the form of audiovisuals is to make them auditory, visually pleasing and kinetic in every form. We have come to a point in the history where content plays a crucial role in every field and the statistics of 300 hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, proves the same.

How long should the videos be?

With the increase in the content and with different video portals being flooded every day, it is hard to grab e-customers’ attention especially when you have a field with a wide range of competitors. For example, if you want to create entertaining videos; you have to remind yourself that you are initially against bigger productions that offer addictive videos like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook, Instagram, Buzzfeed or much other larger and smaller video portals. Getting back to the question, how do you create content that can compete with the top competitors in your field and reach the target audience who can just leave you in the air by closing the video after two seconds of opening it? This usually happens when a particular video is more than 5 minutes long.

Why are videos more preferable than other forms of content?

According to statistics, consumers are likely to share the video content 39% more than they share the text content and 36% likely to comment more and 56% more likely to fully watch the video. Video and text need different cognitive functions and most of the times; people tend to watch the videos than the texts. For example, after having a hectic day; a person can watch a video at the end of the day given that it is short and crisp than read an article which is why an average user is estimated to watch around 209 videos in a month. This is because videos require less amount of processing when compared to reading the text. Keeping this in mind, creating highly interactive videos is the best way to boost your business and attract the customers. By throwing things together in a video, you can say many things that you can’t say through a text and here are few things that you should consider to make sure that you deliver high-quality interactive video content.

The role of interactivity in the videos:

As people retain around 65% of content if it’s given in visual format, it is important to be consciously aware of what you’re doing. Videos are known to give one of the best ROI in the content field, and around 70% of the users watch 3/4th of your videos. The main aim is to attract the rest 30% users while keeping the 70% engaged till the end. Also, you should also focus on outperforming other competitive brands and the most important ingredient is the interactivity where the customer can change the input and play while watching the video instead of being bored. When interactivity comes into the picture, the video will seem less likely as an ad and more like quality content. Interactive videos are known to have 90% completion rates than the normal videos. Therefore, to create highly interactive videos, you should be able to provide information and offer them a call-to-action towards the end of the video.

Different tips and techniques involve capture of the vivid imagination by providing a description that they haven’t possessed till now, providing new solutions to the problems that usually keep them from sleeping in the dead of the night, stroking the interest by giving a mental puzzle to be solved etc. It is important to know that all of our brains are wired to react to emotion and are called as good stories because of the same. Most of the brilliant campaigns have intense stories that are told with an emotional quotient. When you start saying something more meaningful and indeed interesting, people tend to say yes rather than a no. Therefore, make sure that your video is a story and that you’re a storyteller.

In case if you are not very sure or not very experienced in creating interactive videos, you can outsource the same from many video providing platforms. Here are the 3 predominant video providing services that can provide a unique video advertisement that has a huge potential in promoting the company. Have a look!

  • Make Web Video: Make Web Video is a renowned video providing service that lets you create a highly interactive video with professional standards. The videos created by them will not only attract the users but also can increase the sales, that too at an affordable cost. The animations used in the video make the video a lot more engaging, as they are made with patent technology art software and are finished with Adobe After Effects. The videos created by them contain footages, text, photos, music and everything that can make a video more engaging and all of them work on every operating system coming from Windows to Linux and Mac. You can also use their online video maker to make your video for free. The video maker is compatible to use in any of the browsers, and all you have to do is just pick a template and spend around half an hour to get the video in hands.

  • Vimeo: Vimeo is another leading web editor that allows you to create the professional videos within minutes. Using Vimeo, you can directly add notes then and there and can send the link to the video page to anyone, even to the people who’re not on Vimeo as well. The reach is great with Vimeo as you can share the link with unlimited people. You can also update the videos, reply to the videos, track the video progress, check the storage, know the marketing tools and use them effectively, etc. The ability to review the inbuilt features makes Vimeo, a bit more preferable than the other video editors reducing the time and effort that is usually put in the editorial flow.

  • Metacafe: Been around for more than two years, it contains limited content when compared to YouTube but is equally functional if not popular. A destination that only provides best videos, the quality of the videos in Metacafe is not debatable which is why it is best recommended to be used as a sharing platform. You can either create your video somewhere else and share it or use the default editor of Metacafe and then publish the video for the world to see the video. The only drawback is the endless commercials that make anyone cranky. Other than that, Metacafe is very well organized and can give your video a sophisticated aura around it and with few tricks, you can as well make your video reach audience in larger number.

Wrapping up, customers can never shut the personalized content rather than the generic content. When people start putting up their own stories, customers start listening to them given that they are of high quality. Did you ever shut an episode of a TV show that you have been following in the middle even when you’re at a not very good mood of yours?

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