4 Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Internet Marketing Efforts

March 18, 2015

Who’s taking care of your Internet marketing? You?

It’s nice to be proactive, but keep an eye out for some bad habits that might develop when managing your Internet marketing activities.

We’ve identified a few bad habits below. If you’re guilty of any of these, it’s worth it to get them corrected. Or find some help.

Avoid the 4 Deadly Internet marketing bad habits

Doing Internet Marketing For The Sake Of It

If you head into your Internet marketing campaigns with the mindset that you need to do marketing “just because,” you won’t get very far. This mindset leads to a very frustrating cycle of failure. It leads to half-hearted and lacklustre marketing strategy, which in turn leads to poor performance. And it snowballs to the point that you end up thinking marketing is just a necessary evil — one that costs only money and doesn’t deliver any ROI.

To be successful, your mindset towards Internet marketing is very important. With some perfunctory research you’ll learn quickly the value of marketing.

Attacking Without A Plan

In the same vein that marketing without the proper mindset is dangerous, executing a marketing strategy without a plan will inevitably lead to poor results.

Let’s take a look at inbound marketing — it’s a complex, multi-channel, multi-touch point marketing strategy that you really need to map out to maximize. Strategize and plan well, and your efforts will be rewarded. In fact, if you know what you’re doing, you can effectively estimate your ROI through your efforts.

Without a plan, your inbound and general Internet marketing executions won’t be interconnected and won’t be effective.

Trying To Be A One-Marketer Show

Above, we mentioned that if you know what you’re doing, planning out an Internet marketing campaign will be an efficient way to map your success. The problem there is that usually business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t marketers.

Trying to do everything yourself in a one-man show is not a good idea. This is the fastest way to set yourself up for failure. In the same vein multitasking is also not a good idea.

You’re not a marketing expert, and that should be reason enough not to do any of the important activities that comprise your Internet marketing program.

If you multitask between your business and marketing activities, you’re only compounding marketing inexperience with distraction, which can also potentially result in poor business performance.

Expecting Instant-Noodle Success

Finally, don’t expect your Internet marketing campaigns to be like a cup of instant noodles. You can’t savor the rewards of your efforts overnight, so don’t expect to.

Be realistic about your marketing aspirations.

Luckily, there’s a single cure for all of the above symptoms because they all lead to the same ailment: you shouldn’t be doing all of your Internet marketing activities on your own, especially since that’s probably not what you know best anyway.

You know your business, so focus on that. Hiring a professional agency to successfully translate the value your business into meaningful and persuasive marketing messages as part of the overall Internet marketing plan for Toronto is undoubtedly a better bang for your buck!

With the single act of partnering up with a reputable and proven agency, you take care of all the above habits with one stroke.

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