How to Make Online Sales

You have a good product. You have a good website. You are getting traffic.

But – you are also getting NO sales.

Believe it or not, there is a reason. If you check your visitors “time on site” you will probably find that it is less than 20 seconds. Unfortunately thats how internet surfers behave. If they don’t see what they want immediately, with the click of a mouse, they’re gone.

So the question is, “how do I get them to stay long enough to check out my product?” The answer is: You don’t.

The REAL answer is: you get the visitors to come back to your site time and time again. How do you do that? With a mailing list.

Here’s the real insider secret to creating a never ending stream of buyers for your products: a mailing list. You see – even if you wanted to sell sand to people in the Sahara desert, you could do it if you presented the same offer over and over to an audience that was at least a little interested in sand.

Let me put it another way, if you have a mediocre product but you have an audience that is interested in the benefits of that or a similar product, and you “pitch” that audience over and over again, you will get sales. That is a fact.

So – the question becomes, how do you develop a list? The answer is: Offer the prospect an “ethical bribe”. An ethical bribe is something of value that pertains to the product you are trying to sell, or the line of products you are selling. It is usually a downloadable PDF file containing information that the prospect wants to know.

For example, if you have a website selling golf equipment, you might offer a Free downloadable report about “How to shave 4 strokes off your Score – Guaranteed”. In order to get the free report, the prospect will have to enter their name and email adress into a form. When they click “submit”, they can then get the report.

Over time, you grow a list of people who are DEFINITELY interested in the game of golf and interested in improving their game.

You can then email offers of new products, hints and tips, and other golf related information to this list. Over time, the list gets large and you develop loyal customers.

This is just one simple strategies that many website owners overlook. A list is the key to repeat sales.