How To Get More Sales This Valentine Day

By December 19th, 2016


For search marketing campaigns, Valentine is just around the corner.

Valentine sales are booming, surpassing 18.9 billion dollar. Isn’t this exciting? So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best resources that will enable you to increase sales this Valentine.

1. Audience Need & Unique Selling Point

Valentine is all about love, sure. But for you, it has more to do with securing the attention of the customers. This is a lot of work, especially around holidays. Remember, you will be competing against everyone at this time. They all wants in on a piece of the action, and none are willing to compromise on their sales. So, it’s a matter of besting them at their own game by offering the best discounts, running great campaigns, and devising eye-grabbing promotions.

What you need is to present your uniqueness! You stand out only when you become familiar with the needs of your customers, and figure out what they want from your business this time of the year. This means keeping tabs on what the current crop of buyers love and hate.


The below audience hierarchy is the perfect way to segment your audiences and create a separate strategy to fulfill the needs of each one of them.


Tweak your services and products to fit the current mindset. Knowing how your target customers interact on the Internet makes it easier for you to interact with them.

2. Use Tools

There are tools available that contain everything you need to sell, market, and deliver content smoothly to your consumers. They have been carefully designed to help marketers boost sales. Here are some of those must-have tools:

A- GetResponseEmail marketing is one of the best ways to give a jumpstart to your holiday sales. GetResponse allows you to create and deliver compelling emails that looks great on any device. You can entirely automate your customer journey with the help of the provided data and create stunning landing pages for increasing conversions in no time.

B- KajabiPrograms like Kajabi have gained a lot of recognition in the digital sphere. Some of the most prominent features present in it are listed below.

  • Products: Building digital products – training portals, file downloads, online courses etc. – is as easy as ABC.
  • Themes: Create the right aesthetic with fully customizable themes for each of your products.
  • Mobile Responsive: No longer do you have to worry about cross-platform compatibility.
  • Video Hosting: Uploading videos to the tools are a breeze, and you can encode and deliver them as per your discretion.
  • Downloads: File downloads can now be easily added for products.
  • Community Building: Interactive in-course discussions enable customers to engage actively with one another or with you.
  • Drip Content: You can improve retention and avoid overwhelming your consumers by setting your web content to drip out on a scheduled basis.

C- Sprout Social – The most comprehensive social media management platform that allows you to streamline customer engagement. You can create unlimited custom reports using sophisticated customer analytics. Moreover, it is easy to schedule posts during at the best time using Viralpost (a great feature of this tool).

D- AdRoll – Consumers have a lot of choices these days so retargeting becomes an important strategy to reach your potential customers. AdRoll offers retargeting and prospecting platform of choice for over 25,000 advertisers worldwide. You are able to reach your customers across any device, browser, or app with access to over 500 ad exchanges, including native inventory like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.

E- WiseStamp – There is nothing better than sending personalized emails to your customers. An email from the CEO to the customers is a great way to increase brand loyalty in this festive season. Tools like WiseStamp allows you to create professional email signatures. It offers a vast variety of templates, apps and designs to fit any type of business.

3. Keep Up Appearances

Decorating your digital presence isn’t an option; it’s a necessity – not just because it looks good, but also to put your customers in the right mood, the right context. image

The makeover might be as simple as changing your social media cover photo and profile picture to a holiday themed one, or it could be more detailed, like getting a new custom logo designed exclusively for the holidays. Google does a wonderful job of changing their logo to fit special occasions. You can take inspiration from that, and apply the same idea to your business.

4. Email Sequences

Communication is the key to get more sales. The more you communicate and inform your customers about your Valentine sales, the greater will be the chances of communication. Sending a sequence of autoresponder emails works. For example, you can start by informing about your offer in the starting email. You can continue by sending emails related to the products that the customers have left in the cart. May be you can add some exciting offers and discount coupons to the leftover items in the cart so that the customers are tempted to buy them. Moreover, you can club some items together or offer a greater discount to loyal customers based on their past purchase history. Imagination is unlimited and it only turns out to how well you can utilize it to improve your Valentine sales.

6. Affiliate System

Never underestimate the power of referral marketing. Utilize referral marketing programs like Ambassador to automate the sales. This tool enables you to run referral, affiliate, partner, influencer, and advocate programs in a single platform. Once new customers are on board and happy, you can make them your sales partners and increase the number of affiliate sales. It’s never too late to start an affiliate marketing campaign. Simply go ahead and you will be amazed to see the results.


6. Customer Responsive

It goes without saying that each customer warrants your undivided attention. However, this is even more intense around holidays. Make sure customers receive quick responses to their queries and complaints. If they can take the trouble of engaging with you on your website, your blog, or social media channels, then you better make the time to stay connected with them.


7. Up-Selling & Add-On Selling

Retailers should learn to utilize their staff for maximizing sales potential during the holiday shopping season. Anybody who’s a pro at sales and is intimate with the products should be made to engage customers directly. Up-selling is mostly about communication, and if employees interact with customers, they will be able to determine the needs of the customer better, driving sales upwards. Add-on selling also works wonders for your sales during the holidays but it’s a bit more complicated. You first need to convince customers that buying something else will increase the value of the initial purchase.


8. Create Urgent Calls To Action

Build up a sense of urgency that prompts buyers towards checkout. The more urgent your call to action (CTA), the more the shopper will be provoked to buy the product now rather than comparison shop later on. You can improve your chances and increase the effectiveness of your CTA by using countdown timers that encourage shoppers to purchase now or miss out on the offer later. You could also employ scarcity as a technique. The more limited a product becomes, the more coveted it is. This pushes shoppers to take action and invest in it at the current price. Make sure the availability of products is clearly displayed. You could also implement pop-ups that send alerts to buyers when a product is low on stock.


9. Prepare An Eye Catching Valentine Video

Attractive videos allow your brand to stand out amongst the competition. It doesn’t need to be a big production. You can work wonders even on a small budget; all you need is creativity. Good humor is always appreciated and if it aligns with your brand, you have a winning combination on your hands. The trick is to focus on ideas that the audience will find relevant, and the final video should present itself perfectly. Since you’re focusing on appealing to holiday shoppers, it helps if you’re thematic. Locate a point of interest – something that people associate with the holidays – and then integrate it into your video campaign.


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How To Get More Sales This Valentine Day

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