How to Get Blog Readership the Right Way

Are you having a hard time getting more readership to your blog?

Having the most exciting and valuable content isn’t always the perfect recipe for getting an engaged audience.

Building relationships with your readers is key to building a winning blog.

When you build an honest and beneficial relationship with your reader is an essential part of you being a writer being a blog owner.

From here, you’d also know what type of content you need to provide. If you know that a chunk of your readers’ doesn’t read personal insights, then you can adjust how you talk to them on some of your posts.

When you know how to do this, people will come to your blog naturally.

But before that happens, there are specific steps you need to put into place.

We’ve listed a few must-dos to build an engaged blog readership below successfully.

Draw their attention with headlines

Not only are headlines click-inducing, but they also make content more shareable.

There are millions of blogs like yours vying for people’s attention. So, how do you get people to read your blog posts?

Remember that a compelling headline doesn’t sell; it should grab attention. Try to keep in mind these items when you write your headlines:

  • It should trigger curiosity
  • It must be promise-driven and beneficial
  • It should contain a simple but powerful message
  • The target audience should be clear

Getting clicks because of your headlines marks the start of your readers’ conversion journey. If you want to convert them into leads, make sure that your title is compelling and sparks interest.

Make them stay with great content

How to Get Blog Readership the Right Way

Now that you’ve grabbed their attention make sure that your content makes them stay.

When your readers are at the point of reading your content, providing the benefits you’ve mentioned in your title should be accomplished.

Putting all that time in making a great title would go to waste if your content isn’t up to the standards you’ve set.

Also, creating high-quality blog posts consistently helps to keep your readers coming back.

Convert with a killer CTA

A killer CTA would be a combination of two things: clear and concise.

If your content’s goal is to convert, then make sure that your CTA invokes a reason for your audience to take your desired action.

Fortunately, writing a CTA isn’t difficult if you understand who your audience is.

Continually do some A/B tests to identify which CTAs are best to use for each of your blog topics.

Optimize blog for Google

Having the best content out there doesn’t mean anything if nobody can find it. Even if content contributes a lot to how google reads your posts, other factors are just as important.

When you write your blog post, you need to incorporate these things to make sure that Google knows your blog exists and would want to show it to people.

  • Relevant keywords
  • High-quality backlinks
  • Responsiveness

Now that Google’s gotten a lot smarter than before, your blog’s visibility is crucial in gathering readership.

For you to showcase your posts, you must help people find your blog.

But, keep in mind that ranking fluctuates from time to time. It pays to optimize your content regularly and keep up to date with the latest best practices on blog optimization.

Promote on social

How to Get Blog Readership the Right Way

Lots of times, the reason why the number of people who read blogs is low is that bloggers are looking for readers in the wrong places.

While you’re ready for Google to crawl your site, there are other ways you can do to help push your blog to your audience’s eyes.

Promoting on social media is easy, cheap, and effective you can do to get your blog out there.

Facebook alone lets you share on various groups that are targeted to individuals who you’d love to read your blog.

You can also look for LinkedIn groups and leverage Twitter hashtags to your advantage.


Becoming an expert blogger is not an overnight thing. Sometimes, one thing works, and the other doesn’t.

And maintaining one is also a lot of work.

Do not sit around and wait for something to happen like your blog getting discovered and suddenly getting traffic out of nowhere. That’s not always going to be the case.

Try to write a bunch of articles and test the headlines, content, CTAs, and social media platforms you use.

The combinations of factors we’ve listed above will need a few experiments before you can make the perfect formula for your blog’s success.

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