How to Crush it With Lead Generation on LinkedIn Pulse

April 8, 2016

Blogging was promoted to be the promised land for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers.

Do you ever spend time crafting a brilliantly written article, posting it on your blog, only to hear the sound of crickets?

So to boost the number of people seeing your article, you post it on social media and send a blast to your email list.

You check your web stats the next day only to see that your blog masterpiece has largely gone unseen.

What’s a frustrated marketer to do?

Enter LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn’s publishing platform

Here’s why you should make publishing on LinkedIn Pulse a top priority for your business:

  • Provides You An SEO Boost.
    LinkedIn is one of the top 10 most high-traffic websites on the Internet. When you publish content on LinkedIn Pulse, Google can index it quickly.Because LinkedIn is a high-authority site, when readers view your LinkedIn Pulse articles, it helps build authority and visibility for your content.
  • LinkedIn Followers Are Notified of Your LinkedIn Pulse Articles. When you publish an article on your blog, your audience is limited to your website visitors, your email subscribers, and your social media followers.However when you publish a new LinkedIn Pulse article, your entire network of LinkedIn connections is notified. This gives you exposure to a wide audience of new readers by appearing in your follower’s newsfeeds.
  • Drives Website Traffic.
    You can add an article byline at the end of your LinkedIn Pulse article with a call to action so you can capture leads with an opt-in offer or drive website traffic by directing them to your blog to read other related articles.Here’s an example of an article byline you can add to your LinkedIn Pulse articles:

    Want More Valuable Tips?

    • Read more of my LinkedIn posts here LINK
    • Get your free Special report here LINK
    • Setup a free Discovery Session here LINK

    About the Author (Your short bio here.)

    Learn more about my programs and services here:

  • Boosts Your Thought Leadership.
    LinkedIn Pulse categories your content by using the tags you add at the end of the article. Your article is shown to people searching for content on that topic.That targeted viewership helps to build your authority and trust with LinkedIn’s over 380 million members. The potential for massive exposure and visibility is incredible.

9 Tips for Writing LinkedIn Pulse Posts That Get Read

  1. Add an Eye-catching Article Image. Design a cover graphic that attracts attention. The ideal size for your LinkedIn Pulse article is 700 x 400 pixels.
  2. Create a Catchy Headline. Consider your headline your opening line. Describe your content in a compelling way. Your headline should capture readers’ interest and give them a reason to click through and read it. Add numbers. Use adjectives.
  3. Publish Consistently. Share new articles on LinkedIn Pulse regularly. Adding new content weekly like we do can build a regular following. Posting during the week during work hours will ensure your article gets the best visibility.
  4. Write Shorter Articles. For best performance, and ideal post length is 500-1000 words.
  5. Make it Scannable. Add subheaders and use images to break up content and lead readers through it.
  6. Tag your Posts. Select 3 tags that are most related to your article content. You have to choose from the existing tag categories that LinkedIn Pulse offers.Selecting the right tags helps your post be found by readers in your target audience and can boost your chances of being selected as a featured LinkedIn Pulse article.
  7. Engage with Readers Who Comment. Make sure you reply to those who comment or share your post. This is your chance to build rapport with those who have shown interest.That extra step can turn a one-time reader into a loyal follower. Plus the percentage of likes, reshares and comments of your content is what triggers LinkedIn to make it a featured article in Pulse.
  8. Kick it up with Images, Links, Videos, and Slideshares. Make your content more appealing by adding in graphics, outgoing links, and videos that relate to the article. Readers love when you share outgoing links to additional resources and websites mentioned in the article.Also, Google rewards LinkedIn Pulse articles with strong related links for further information to readers.
  9. Share your LinkedIn Pulse on Other Platforms. Just like you would share a blog post on social media, notify your Facebook and Twitter followers when you publish a new LinkedIn Pulse article.

If you’d like help publishing and creating killer content on LinkedIn Pulse, eVision Media has a team of professionals who can help create stand-out articles for lead generation and to build thought leadership for your business. Find out more about our

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