How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

  • — May 13, 2019

    Brands with a presence on Instagram can make boost their ROI with the platforms ability to create posts with tagged products. This engaging shopping experience, that was first introduced in 2016, makes it easier for people to discover products and access information such a pricing and product details while on Instagram, thus eliminating friction in their conversion process.

    What is a tagged Instagram post

    A tagged Instagram post, aka shoppable Instagram post, can be recognised by the shopping bag icon located at the lower, left-hand corner. Upon clicking on the icon, a bubble emerges that features the product’s name, price, and description.

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    Source: Instagram

    Upon clicking on the product info, more relevant products will be displayed. This enhances product discoverability while the user is on the platform.

    Required assets for creating an Instagram tagged post

    If this is your first time creating a tagged Instagram post, then you need to be sure that:

    1. You have an Instagram business profile – if not, you may need to convert your personal account or create a new one,
    2. You are eligible for Instagram Shopping,
    3. You have connected your Instagram account to your Facebook page, and
    4. You have a product catalogue in place.

    Once you have all of the above, you can submit your Instagram account for review. To do so, head over your account’s settings. Click on “Business” and then “Shopping on Instagram”. Follow the steps to make sure everything is OK and submit your account for review. The review process doesn’t take more than a couple of days.

    Connecting your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Page

    In order to connect your Instagram account to your page, head over to your account’s settings and Tap Account > Linked Accounts, then select Facebook. Next, you will be asked to enter your Facebook credentials before you are able to choose a page that you have access to.

    Creating a product catalogue

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    If you have run dynamic ads in the past or have a shop section on your Facebook page, then you already have a product catalogue. If not, you can create one by following the steps in this tutorial. Depending on the platform you are using you can utilise third-party tools to create your product catalogue (in the case you’ve built your e-commerce on Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.) or a simple spreadsheet!

    Connecting your Product Catalogue to your Instagram Business Profile

    Now that you have created your Product Catalogue, you need to connect it to your Instagram Business Profile.
    Head over to the Settings > Business > Shopping and then choose the right Product Catalogue from your Business Manager.

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    Creating a shoppable Instagram post

    To create your first shoppable post head over to your Instagram account, compose a post the way you’d normally do, and then click “Tag products”.

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    Next, click on the product and find it on the Product Catalogue. You can do so by either inserting the product id (this means that you have found and copied the right product ID and then pasted it on the search box) or by searching the product name. The latter one will display all occurrences of your product name if any, and you can choose the right one.

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    Once you click on the right product search result, you want to make sure that you have tagged the right product (in case more than one product is shown in the image). If you haven’t, you can press and drag the bubble to move it around and place it where it should be.

    The shopping bag icon on the lower left side shows that you have successfully tagged your product.

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    Next, click “Done” and continue with post creation process as usual – adding location, hashtags, etc.

    There you have it! You created your first tagged Instagram post!

    Creating a tagged Instagram post for multiple countries

    If you are a brand with presence across multiple countries where your target audience speaks different languages and uses different currencies, you can cater to their particular currency/language needs by making some adjustments to your current product catalogue.

    This brand sells the same mascara to both their Greek and Czech audience but they have tailored the language and currency to each country.

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    Source: Sephora Greece IG account


    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    Source: Sephora Czech Republic IG account

    To do so, you can either:

    1. create 2 product catalogues with separate product feeds; one for Greece and a second one for the Czech Republic.
    2. create a main product catalogue and feed and supplement it with a secondary feed that contains language/currency information.

    This is how your feed should look like if you want to have different currencies:

    How to Create Instagram Posts With Tagged Products

    By implementing any of the above methods, you can create tagged Instagram posts like the ones above.

    By tagging your Instagram posts you can help potential shoppers browse, discover, and buy directly from your Instagram Business Profile.

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