How to Build Effective Landing Page

How to Build Effective Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that is aimed at increasing conversion rates to meet your business or marketing expectations. Most times, it is a unique page with specialized content created for a specific purpose. But sometimes, it can be your homepage or another page on a website.

When you create a landing page, you want to encourage your visitors to sign up for something, make a purchase, visit a physical location, or take any other action you specify.

Types of landing pages

There are two main types of landing pages:

Lead generation landing pages

These are pages that allow you to collect data from your site’s visitors for the purpose of marketing. Often, the data you need will be names and email addresses which you will use for your email campaigns or newsletters.

Since people do not give personal information easily, you have to make the process valuable, so that they can give you these data. You could offer free eBooks, webinars, giveaway entries, event registration, free trials of your services, newsletter subscriptions, and more. Your offer should be appealing and convenient for your visitors.

Click-through landing pages

These are pages that warm up your visitors before you convert them. It serves as a middleman between your ad and e-commerce shopping cart or the product page.

For you to get conversions, you should have a landing page that supports your reader’s emails and also encourage them to click through and get a unique product.

How to build an effective landing page

How to Build Effective Landing Page

If you want your landing page to successfully convert your site’s visitors into leads, subscribers or buyers, below are some useful tips:

1. Keep it clean and simple

Since the aim of a landing page is for visitors to convert, it should not have any form of distraction such as navigation or extraneous links. The only option should be the call-to-action because anything else will drop your conversion rates.

However, your landing page should have essential information that will encourage your visitors to convert. These are the same principles you should also apply throughout your website: The color should be attractive. Using button colors such as red or green for your call-to-action will increase the landing page conversion. Ensure that the button color contrasts with the background.

2. Align your offer with your audience

How to Build Effective Landing Page

This is very vital for the optimization of your conversion rate. If your offer is not what your visitors need, or if it doesn’t solve their problem, the conversion rate will be dismal. Always ensure that you customize your landing page for different audiences and target their specific needs or concerns.

3. Use a compelling headline

Your headline should be interesting, attention-grabbing, specific, and precise. It is the first thing that your visitors will see, so use this opportunity to create a positive first impression. Make it simple and not too lengthy.

4. Use persuasive subheads

If your heading can grab the attention of your visitors, then the subheads should be good enough to keep them on the page. Your subheads should be persuasive, more detailed than the headline, and related to the headline.

5. Align your Ad copy with the headline

How to Build Effective Landing Page

Your ad copy and your headline should be the same or related in order to avoid confusion. If there is no match, your bounce rate will increase, and your AdWords quality score will be poor.

6. Communicate value

Your landing page should be able to communicate value, and your visitors should be able to see the benefits. This will create the desire in your visitors, and it will improve your conversion rates.

7.  Include trust elements

Your visitors have to trust you before they click your call-to-action. That is why you should include several trusts or social proof elements. Examples of these are security badges, client logos, testimonials, reviews, third party certifications, number of subscribers, customer success stories, and number of social shares.

8. Use a persuasive and simple call-to-action

The call-to-action should be simple, clear, indicate the value, and persuasive. Using five to seven words is more effective in most cases. It should be obvious, visually distinct, and centralized.

Visual cues, such as arrows or images, will help to attract more attention. Ensure that you emphasize other call-to-actions.

9. Use a responsive design

How to Build Effective Landing Page

Visitors should be able to see your landing page clearly on all devices, including phones and tablets. Invest in a good and responsive design. If your landing page is not responding on a device, you will miss leads or conversions from visitors using that device.

10. Test your landing page

Test your landing page over and over. This will help you to create a landing page that converts. Split tests or A/B tests will show you how a modification affects your conversion rate. Multivariate tests will show you how a combination of several changes performs over other varieties. Tests will help you to refine your landing page to achieve optimum results.

In a nutshell: How to Build Effective Landing Pages

Below are tips on how to build effective landing pages:

  • Keep it clean and simple
  • Align your offer with your audience
  • Use a compelling headline
  • Use persuasive subheads
  • Align your Ad copy with the headline
  • Communicate Value
  • Include trust elements
  • Use a Persuasive and simple call to action
  • Use a responsive design
  • Test your landing page

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