How Freelancers Should Use Social Media

March 31, 2015

Working as freelancer is an amazing opportunity, however finding clients is not always easy. Are you using your social media channels in the most effective ways possible to draw more clients? Even if you think you are, perhaps there are some areas that need improvement. Here are some strategic tips for you to use in maximizing your social media presence, so you can spend less time looking for clients and more time working.

Set Your Business Objective

As in any endeavor, you will fully enjoy the benefits of social media with a solid and concrete plan. Here are some to consider.

  • Identify and make your own trademark. An essential element of freelance success is a professional and distinct personal brand. It shows that you exactly know your direction, you are available and transparent.
  • Get to know others in your industry and interact with them. Oftentimes your best contacts will come from your online connections especially when you are a beginner.
  • Sell yourself without being too confident. A simple greeting via a public social media post is better than trying to contact someone at their office with no prior introduction.
  • Know industry tips. Tagging your industry related post with a related hashtag is sure to get you more information — and potential contacts — than trying to make it completely on your own.

Select Your Platforms And Post Types

Even the best-laid social networking plans may become ineffective if not applied on the right platforms at the right time. Almost any of the major platforms work well for freelancers, as long as you keep your business content focused and specific with a little detail of your personal life and maintain a positive outlook.

In addition to posting great content, you want your profile itself to be optimized for search. It is best to use the same profile picture for all your accounts and write your bio with common industry keywords in mind. Also, to improve and increase your online connection, you can join community or forum discussion on similar topics; follow people who engage with you in Linkedln and other local social platform.

While there are rules on how to write the best posts for each social network, you have to use a fair amount of your own judgment as well. Draw on your past experience and analytics to help you decide what your followers most want to see. As far as timing goes, try to avoid the most common dead zones until you see for yourself when your posts get the most engagement and setup a schedule that addresses future events.

Manage Your Social Media Presence

Keep and maintain your social media to stay on top of your industry. Allocate some time for each task and use a social dashboard to manage your accounts. Updating your social media will make you viable and keep you connected with fellow freelancers.


Social media reaches and connects people. Are you enjoying the benefits of social media? Share your comments.

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