How Employers Get Slackers Productive

February 13, 2016

Biggest pet peeve ever has to be the employee that is a slacker at work. Lack of productivity can really be a ball and chain for any company and is a real hindrance for company profit.

It affect’s the whole team and department with one or two people playing games at work, when they should be working, sometimes people do fall behind or underperform, and need a break from work.

How to you turn a lazy employee around to be a producer? Well, I do have a couple aces up my sleeve to get the job done!

Well, I do have a couple aces up my sleeve to get the job done!

1. The Boss Talk

After a boss see’s what’s going on, and knows who the culprits are, it’s time for the one-on-one “Boss Employee Talk”. The only way to get to the bottom of the problem is by talking to the employee in question. List off the performance issues, show the time-clock login’s and out’s, and ultimately address that their behaviour on the job is not tolerated, or you’re gone.

But, before punting an employee through the uprights, as you may be able to spark something within to get moving and perform. Emphasize what you need to be done and the daily responsibilities.

2. Goals

Do you have goals? and after you got the job do you still follow up on your goals? Some goals are individual ones, others are short-term, long-term?

Make your goals achievable by using the SMART system: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time limit.

For my business goals are called milestones, every time I achieve a specific milestone I move up a level towards my long-term goal by achieving a number of short-term goals. And writing a check for a million dollars to myself doesn’t hurt either, I sit and stare at my goal every day till one day I can cash that check to myself. Not everyone will do this, but it’s my way of keeping on my toes and perform.

3. Wants and Desires

Everyone wants something, right? Sure do, and the one of the best ways to award a bonus or an incentive to perform, has to be one of the oldest tricks in mankind’s history, but it works. What it does is it puts some hustle and some oomph into your work and keeping them motivated as well. But, you need to know what they want for this Roman trick to work, or else it can be a waste of time and valuable resources.

Play on your employee’s wants and desire and watch the performance improve.

4. Don’t show your emotion or praise

The only time a slacker gets his work together is when he or she is under the gun to get fired, then miracles seem to happen. Don’t be fooled by the short-term turnaround, instead, keep them on their toes and be stern about it. The idea is not showing emotion can prove to the employee, your not going to take it, so their activity has to become a daily routine, or get punted.

5. Add more to the plate

To become more productive sometimes adding more responsibilities is the best way to get a slacker employee to move it. It also shows you where his or her talents fit the puzzle. As more things becoming challenging, the more it brings out the best in some people. It’s actually a blessing in disguise.

6. Their career

This gets people looking at the bigger picture, and why underachievers will fail to get to the top. This mindflip also gets people thinking long-term and gets them moving, or not. Showing people career ladders is one way to spark an interest in their work, so try this angle.

7. Move people to other areas

Sometimes getting moved from area to another and change the environment can have an immediate effect. This may work on most slacker employees, but keep in mind the morale of the employee, as this could backfire and lead to more laziness. The idea is to get them excited about doing something new by assigning differents tasks, here and there. This also prepares them to cross the ropes and climb the ropes up their career ladder.

8. Invest in the employee

Why do people get hired in the first place? Because your employer saw some potential and skill to get the job done, but now? This is a good time to send an employee off to get trained and get more or some valuable skills the marketplace wants. This also seen as a confidence booster and the company stands behind their employee with a firm commitment, and a benefit to both parties down the road.

9. Be professional

Making an employee unhappy on the job can really backfire if you plan on using this not recommended tactic. Hiring and firing costs a lot of time and money on your company, and making an employee pissed off will be the straw on the camel’s back. Be professional and refrain from name calling and sarcasm.

10. Keep communication lines open

Communicate with them regularly at work. Some employees go through tough times or a personal matter which is affecting their performance, understand that. Offering a leave of absence is an option to settle their personal stuff, and keep the employee happy. And happy employee’s do what?? Become a producer, not a slacker…

Build Happy Working Relationships

The main idea here is to keep employee’s happy, focused and productive. And, in the end, the company really benefits and rakes in the profits and rewards.

Create a happy work environment that is free from any harassment, sarcasm, and fear. It’s also breeding a culture of winning professionals and in doing so, creates a sought-after place of employment for years to come.

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