How Covid-19 Had an Impact on Workforce Management

Covid-19 had a drastic impact on the economy and human life. Organizations had to go through a huge unforeseen transition from office to working from home. These transitions changed the execution of the human resource management system. Functions such as employee performance management, rewards management, benefits administration, enhancing productivity of the employees is monitored virtually with the assistance of web-based application.

Let’s delve into the impacts covid-10 had on workforce management:

Define Goals and expectations

Remote functioning of the organizations created a huge challenge for the human resource team. It is difficult to acknowledge the role of an employee, downpouring the learning curve of the employees. Keeping a track on the key performance indicators with the aid of web based tools ingrained in a software. The utmost importance of this period of time is focusing on employees behaviour rather than focusing on employee performance. Technological advancements such as HR software aimed in having an overall analysis of the employees’ life cycle. Starting from employees’ KRA to KPI, employees’ satisfaction, etc.

Focus on productivity

Work from home juggled work with home duties. Keeping this in mind many organizations provided leverage to their employees’ to work in a flexible time frame and be the most productive. This environment empowers the employee to work in their own ways and deliver the best out of them. A backdrop of functioning with such a lenient work environment is that the managers won’t be able to keep track of each activity diminishing the possibility of micromanagement of employees. To pass this hurdle managers tend to keep a track on deliverables and the timelines of the employees. Surveys have shown that the productivity has increased with such lenient working hours allowing the employees to focus and perform at his/her own pace.

Employee engagement

The core of remote functioning lies in communication. Communication with colleagues and seniors played a vital role in providing perspective to the peers on how to succeed with remote functioning of the organization. Scheduling one on one sessions with the employees as a morning ritual, constant feedback, status updates on regular intervals to keep a track on projects assigned to the employees. An adjourned meeting room for the employee to approach and discuss the challenges faced while working. Having said that it is essential to bestow the employee with an open platform to discuss challenges as everyone might not be a tech-savvy to easily operate with technologically advanced tools.

Benefits administration

State and federal government and the organizations implement various policies to ensure employees attain benefits apart from his/her basic salary. With sudden transition from office to remote challenges raised in implementing policies in accordance with the crises for the employees to attain benefits. For instance, conveyance allowance policies are temporarily customized in a way to provide internet and gadget allowance for the employee to function from home. Another challenge faced by the human resource management team is rewarding employees on the basis of outstanding performance. HR software introduced perks as a recognition of the employees performance. Maintaining a record of each employees’ performance is a toilsome task. Web-based applications introduced auto reward features that decreased the workload of the human resource management and built a transparent bridge between the employee and the employer.

Coronavirus had a massive impact on the functioning of the whole globe. With sudden pandemic and unannounced crisis organizations had to change the functioning module in order to survive and thrive during such times. These changes in the tracking employee performance and workforce management is here to stay.

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