How B2B eCommerce Catalogs Grease Manufacturers’ Marketing Wheels

July 25, 2016

How B2B eCommerce Catalogs Grease Manufacturers’ Marketing Wheels

Rusty marketing wheels?

There’s so much pressure to get your B2B manufacturing/supplier website right these days. The market is BIG and only getting bigger.

Many industrial, manufacturing, or supplier websites have the “set it and forget it” mentality going on. You know… maybe the website was created years ago (sometimes more than five years ago), product specs are available in PDF format, and a basic contact page link, maybe you’ve paid good money for the thing – so that should do it.

After all, you have sales people out there!

Not so fast. These days, unless you can get prospects to print your website, place it on their desks, AND hand it out to others – a static product website isn’t going to set you apart from your competitors. A dynamic online customer experience is crucial these days for manufacturers and suppliers to stay competitive, attract recurring customers, and help track what your end-users are actually looking for.

eCommerce product catalog greases your marketing wheels

The primary reason for any business to have a website is to create interest, trust, sales, and leads.

Though your business may sell primarily to wholesalers and distributors, huge benefits can be gained by tapping into consumers online research with a searchable knowledge base.

That’s where eCommerce catalog websites can help grease those marketing wheels.

Dynamic product catalogs can display detailed information, specifications, and photos about your great products, thus helping generate more sales inquiries in an organized, user-friendly manner. No need to have an “Add-to-cart” button, you can display a “Request Quote” or “More Information” call to action instead.

And here’s an important bonus: Your website will be much more user-friendly since it’s organized into categories, is searchable, and contains text easily indexed by Google and other search engines.

B2B Suppliers Stay Competitive by Keeping their Wheels in Motion

Gain effortless social sharing and meaningful email marketing

With an eCommerce catalog website, you can easily display social sharing and follow buttons for each and every product page.

Using email marketing your sales people can share direct links to specific products to leads and distributors lists. Add an email sign-up form to your website, maybe a chat module, and now you have a truly dynamic online hub to start engaging visitors during their research.

Great for your sales staff – great for your distributors – and awesome for your bottom line.

Five huge benefits of a catalog website:

  • Makes better stats reports and analytics possible on a per product basis because each product page is an attractive, informative landing page
  • Creates an always fresh, searchable, consistent view of your products
  • Allows for easier product comparisons and highlights popular products
  • Promotes relationship and lead building, acts as an extension of your sales team, not a replacement for it.
  • Improves and personalizes customer experience and distributor engagement

In general, B2B manufacturer and supplier businesses will want to focus on making their online experience as easy as possible for the customer to use – one that’s easy to find in the search engines, knowledge base oriented, offers awesome photos, and is easily searchable.

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