Here’s Why Your Startup Needs To Use Periscope For Business Growth

July 1, 2016

Here’s Why your Start-up Needs to Use Periscope for Business Growth

Nowadays, most digital-savvy start-ups have a presence on at least Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, further to that they are also popping up on alternative platforms such as Snapchat, Tumblr, and Periscope.

Having the ability to tell a story through the video medium is an incredibly powerful way to capture the attention of a newer, younger audience. Alternative platforms such as Periscope give start-ups the perfect opportunity to market themselves in a unique way and experience business growth in the process.

Here are our top tips on how your start-up can use Periscope for ultimate business growth:

  1. Target millennials

A huge percentage of users on Periscope are millennials, who are not only watching in their millions but are also highly engaged.

Periscope is the ultimate live video streaming platform and is a superb resource if you are trying to target millennials. On top of that, there is currently little risk of the competition getting in the way, as despite its efficacy, not a lot of businesses have embraced the platform yet. For this reason, Periscope is an extremely powerful social platform that start-up brands should be taking advantage of.

  1. Attract investors

Another fantastic way to use Periscope is to attract the attention of potential investors. Every start-up needs funding in some form or another, and with Periscope you can offer an intimate experience to a potential investor by walking them through the day-to-day life of your offices and enabling them to see your passion and commitment, first hand.

Here’s Why your Start-up Needs to Use Periscope for Business Growth

  1. Showcase your company’s culture

If you want to give your customers a sneak peek into the life of your company, what better way to do so than by showcasing your company’s culture via Periscope. Periscope gives you the unique opportunity to show your audience what goes on behind-the-scenes at your business. This type of access helps consumers form a stronger bond with your brand, which quickly turns them into lifelong supporters, and lifelong supporters are the ultimate advocates who are always willing to spread the word about your brand.

  1. Host tutorials and demonstrations

Periscope is incredibly powerful in that it gives you the perfect opportunity to host a tutorial or demonstration of your latest product or service. Having the ability to see first-hand how to use a products or services is a much more effective way to elevate your brand and inspire people to visit your website, take a look around and even make a purchase. This is something that an image or blog post simply cannot compete with.

As you can see, Periscope is an extremely robust app with fantastic capabilities for your brand. Give it a try to see the results for yourself!

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