Here’s 2 Sure-Fire Tactics That Have Never Let Me Down

Here’s 2 Sure-Fire Tactics That Have Never Let Me Down

Most people have a few go-to strategies that they follow during times of need. They’re comforted knowing they have a tried-and-true method that works for them and have tactics that have never let them down. I’m no different. Experience has shown us the way and we are better off because of it.

So, what tactics work for you? Oh, you don’t want to give up your secrets. I understand. Well, unless you’re a chef and don’t want to give out your family recipes to the world, you know, the ones that have made your restaurant wildly successful, why wouldn’t you share your tactics? Don’t you want to help others, even if you only help 1 person? Don’t you wish others had the same good fortune as you’ve had? You get the idea, right?

We’re here to help ourselves and others. That’s what makes the world go ‘round.

So, in the spirit of giving…

Here’s 2 Sure-Fire Tactics That Have Never Let Me Down

  1. Explain the Why

Whenever I’m training others or asking my team to do something new or different, I let them know WHY we are doing it, versus telling them to do it because “I say so”. (This works well with those know-it-all teenagers, too).

Our employees need to understand the reasoning behind the decision and to “buy into” an idea or practice for them to truly perform as intended. Letting them know why helps.

  1. Anticipate the Worst

We can never be fully prepared for what might happen if we don’t plan for it. Being in the customer service and hospitality industries, we must plan for the day(s) when things don’t go as planned – because they WILL come. We must anticipate it happening and plan our response so we can be better prepared for it.

We can’t provide great service if we always think “everything will turn out perfectly as planned”.

There you go – the 2 sure-fire tactics that have never let me down. I hope they work for you too!

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