Have You Found the Formula For Your Best Call to Action?

by Ray Manley November 13, 2015
November 13, 2015

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You’ve heard how a camel is a horse designed by committee, right? Most sales pages are just as ugly…and generally for the same reason.

“Let’s put a hump on it, and if one hump is good, two will be twice as good!”

The truth of the matter is that a lot of people who have really outstanding websites end up failing because they totally blow the call to action. And how do they manage that? They do it by overwhelming people and expecting far too much of them.

So, what makes the best call to action?

It tells people something about your offer, and guides them naturally, easily and simply to the point where they want to buy. The mistake that a lot of companies make is jamming in too many extraneous details on their way to a call to action. Further, calls to action that simply scream “Buy NOW” simply don’t work. So, how do you get it right? Read on.

Be Specific. The worst thing you can do with a call to action is demand that your prospects “buy now” without telling them why they should “buy now!” You might think that you’re a marketing genius and you’ve delivered fabulous web content, and now all you have to do is say “click here!” but the reality is that it’s simply not going to happen. You have to tell your customers what’s in it for them. Why should they “click here”? The best call to action will tell them in simple terms.

And if your main selling point won’t make them act, what makes you think your second, third, fourth or fifth selling point will? The main thing is always the main thing, and the best call to action on your site will leverage that truth!

Don’t Jump the Gun. Don’t demand that your prospects buy right away without considering all their options. They need time to think about their purchase, so tell them about the advantages and benefits of your product. Learn what they want and need, and then guide them toward your product or service. Screaming “Buy now!” just looks tacky. The best call to action for your purposes will smoothly guide your customers through compelling information that will convince them to act.

Make It Obvious. Having said that you don’t want to push your customers, we also have to tell you that if your customers are spending too much time pondering your call to action, you’ve lost them. Go for a big, bold, obvious call to action. Use caps, bold text, and a dash of color to make your CTA stand out. You can’t ignore the psychology or human factors that underlie the impulse to hit “buy now” or “subscribe now.”

Ask For Input. Often, your best advice will come from friends and family. Have people you know take a look at your site, and tell you honestly whether they’d buy from you if they didn’t know you. Do some A/B testing. Do everything you can to compress the trial and error period. In the final analysis, the amount of attention and work you put into your sales pages will determine your success.

Do your homework, ask your friends and family, and study successful web pages so you can design the absolute best call to action for your offer.

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