Habits f Highly Successful Women In Business [Infographic]

— June 2, 2017

In 2017 there are still only 17% of startups with a female founder. Despite decades of progress toward women’s rights and workplace inclusivity, women are still lagging behind in the business world. There are, of course, many women who have powered through the obstacles to become highly successful, and their habits and tenacity can serve as an inspiration to women everywhere until policy changes catch up to the modern lifestyle.

Oprah Winfrey overcame childhood abuse and teenage pregnancy to become a media mogul thanks, in part, to her belief that failure is just life nudging you into a different direction. J.K. Rowling overcame life as a single mother on welfare by never giving up on her dream. And Lucille Ball was considered a failed actress before the I Love Lucy show, and she would go on to become the first President of a major television studio and eventually receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

There are other good habits that highly successful women share, such as writing down goals to keep yourself on track. Dolly Parton would write down her goals and then go on to act as though she had already achieved them, while Sheryl Sandberg likes to keep her goals and to-do lists handwritten on actual paper instead of digitally. Simone Biles spends the first day of each year writing down her goals for the next year.

Other women credit their success to taking time for themselves. Meditation helps keep Ellen Degeneres, Arianna Huffington, and Kerri Walsh Jennings on track. After all, it’s difficult to pour from an empty cup. Balancing it all and knowing where to cut corners is also a survival tactic employed by many working mothers. Michelle Obama had her mother move into the White House to help care for her children, while Beyonce takes her daughter on the road with her when she tours.

Learn more about the habits of highly successful women from this infographic. What policy changes do you think would help get more women to the top in the workplace? Leave us a comment below!

Habits f Highly Successful Women In Business [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of Business Student

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