Great Job Hunting Strategies to Try in 2017 and Meet Your Success

— December 11, 2016


With the current economic state it is important to have a plan when job hunting. A lot of people are looking for work right now. There is however specific things you can do to make your job hunting experience better. We list a few strategies and some professional careers advice that should help you meet your success.

  1. It’s who you know

Unfortunately, it is who you know these days. You have a better opportunity when calling on some contacts and see if they know of any open positions. Bosses are hiring due to word of mouth these days so be sure to call up any valid contact. You could also target someone who works at a company you are hoping to work at. Introduce yourself and let them know that you are in the market.

  1. Make sure you can do the job

Applying for any and every job is not the way to go. Eventually your skills will be tested and you do not want to be stuck in a job you don’t enjoy. Apply for jobs you are actually good at. This is very important for your future applications. You need good references so be sure to choose jobs you are good at.

  1. Your resume is king

You cannot expect a call back with a poorly written resume. If it means paying for a resume writing service then so be it. This is your ticket to the interview. Make sure you know what the latest resume trends are. Hiring resume writing help will ensure accuracy with trends and styles. It would be a shame to miss out on a call back because of something as silly as format.

  1. Have a plan

Know exactly which companies you would like to work at and draw up a marketing plan for yourself. Do your research about every company on your list and equip yourself with as much knowledge and information. When chatting with someone within the company, they might be so impressed with you and give you a job.

  1. Improve your skills

While you are job hunting, use the time to improve your skills and add knowledge. This will only better your chances at success ones you are interviewed or hired. There is no use sitting around and moping. Rather use this precious time to improve yourself.

  1. Create a LinkedIn Profile

This is one of the biggest favors you can do yourself. Create an online resume on LinkedIn and you might just get a job offer without applying. It may sound too good to be true but you will be surprised how many recruiters use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates to interview. Pay a lot of time and attention to your profile and start networking with the right people.

By having a plan of action, you might have a better chance of being successful in your search for employment. Finding jobs is difficult, I know, but it is not impossible. Just be sure to strategize and find the best way to go about doing it. Simply sending your resume too any company is not the way to go about it. Remember, you want to actually be happy at your job.

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Author: Amy Huges

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