Google Improves Page Ranking For Mobile Friendly Sites

July 23, 2015

So we’ve discussed pretty heavily the importance of creating a mobile friendly website and how to create one that caters to your customers. From easy navigation to a responsive design, the idea behind a mobile friendly website is all about improving the user experience.

But a few months back, Google decided to provide a little more incentive that goes beyond that of user experience. That incentive comes in the form of better search rankings.

Yes, Google has done it again! It’s made a slight change to its algorithm to give better rankings on sites that are mobile friendly. Can you believe it!! Who would have thought that Google would made changes to its ranking algorithm?? If you haven’t picked up on it, that’s pure sarcasm.

Keep in mind, the rankings algorithm will only be used when the person is searching from a mobile device. So the more mobile friendly your site is, the better chance it has to appear near the top when someone is doing a search for your market on their mobile device. Considering around 60% percent of online traffic comes from mobile devices, I’d say this change is pretty important.

The change also only applies to individual pages instead of the entire site. So if you’ve got landing pages, make sure they’re mobile optimized.

So that’s quite an incentive, wouldn’t you say? And it doesn’t end there. Not only is Google going to place your pages higher the more mobile friendly it is, but they are going to penalize those sites that are not. So if your site isn’t mobile friendly, chances are good that you will rank low on mobile searches and might end up on the dreaded second page or lower. And we all know that no one clicks to view the second page on search engines.

So now you not only have improving user experience, but you can also throw in better search rankings. Put those two together and you have yourself the perfect recipe to convert to a mobile friendly site.

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