Get Noticed. Stand for Something.

July 28, 2015

This week, a vendor asked me what my biggest concern was with respect to my marketing initiatives.

boxed waterAfter thinking about it for a couple of sentences, my answer was “Getting Noticed in a World of Noise”. The vendor thought for a second and said that is a strange answer. His response back to me was, “Don’t you need more leads or close the deal with your potential prospects?”. My answer, back to him was, “If clients never see our company logo and understand what we do, we will never be able to obtain any leads of deals”.

Last week, I was in Colorado and finished a workout at a local recreation center. I asked the front desk if they sold bottled water and the receptionist indicated to me that they do not sell bottled water, they sell boxed water. How ingenious is that!

BOXED WATER – Check out the website for the complete story!

Stand for Something

The concept caught my attention and I began to read more on the side of the panel. Taking something as simple as water and packaging in a way that tells a great story. The message is certainly an environmentally, friendly one with a great message regarding the whole packaging process. Well worth reading.

Takeaways for Me as a Marketer

People love simple ideas with a great story! – The more simple the idea is, the better it will resonate with people and it will be remembered.

Be different than others to stand out! – Many companies have come up with all kinds of plastic bottle models. You can see the differences at your local grocery or convenience store. But in the end, most of them are clear and see-through and there is no story involved with their packaging.

Stand for something – Make sure your new product or service offering offers tremendous value or benefit in some way. (This will help it stand out more)

Start thinking about your “boxed water” idea today! – You never know the idea may be more obvious than you think. Start simple!

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