Future Of Search Is Scary At Heck

@mp_gavin, (June 12, 2015)

The future of search is seriously mobile, in total conflict with current privacy standards, and personalized to a degree that would completely freak out today’s average consumer. At least, that’s the picture of tomorrow’s search experience painted by Amy Labroo, Senior Director of Innovation for IT at hotel and resort giant Wyndham.

“Our minds will be integrated into the online world,” Labroo told attendees of MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit, on Friday.

So, for example, you’ll be able to “like” a photo on social media simply because your eyes dilate when you see it.

As if that’s not troubling enough, Labroo expects our phones to carry literally every piece of our personal data, from our driver’s licenses to our full medical records. Combined with the latest discovery technology, this will allow phones to serve as one’s doctor, psychologist, financial planner, physical trainer, personal shopper, and any other service provider you can imagine.


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