Freelancing may not be so idyllic

For all the positive coverage of marketers going freelance, the realities of the freelance life are not always as rewarding as some suggest.

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Good morning, Marketers, are you certain you want to go freelance?

In Monday’s newsletter, Kim wrote about the Great Resignation: “In article after article, I am reading that marketers are choosing the freelance life,” so they can work with “clients of their own choosing, in their preferred location, and at the hours that suit them best.”

Freelancing is not always so idyllic.

Clients will demand you be available for early morning Zoom meetings and late night calls to discuss the “couple of changes” that need to be made to your work.

You’ll likely have to master skills that are out of your wheelhouse. Ask yourself: are you really a natural salesperson, or accounts receivable clerk?

And the pressure of making payroll, when feeding your family is on the line, can be overwhelming.

If freelancing is the path you’ve chosen, Godspeed. But if you’re working in-house at a company or agency, please take our 2022 MarTech Salary and Career Survey. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. We look forward to sharing the results with you all.

Chris Elwell

CEO, Third Door Media


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