Facebook Reaction Buttons Get Halloween Makeover with Ghosts and Frankenstein

— October 28, 2016


Facebook is getting into the Halloween spirit with their latest limited-edition reaction buttons. Users in select countries can now use the reactions to convey spooky and scary feelings in the days leading up to Halloween.

The updated reaction buttons include:

  • Like = a skeletal thumbs up
  • Love = a candy heart
  • Haha = a cackling witch
  • Wow = a surprised ghost
  • Sad =a crying Frankenstein
  • Angry = a glowering pumpkin

Facebook Live also got a themed makeover, adding Snapchat-like filters so users can “wear” Halloween masks, such as a skull and evil queen. According to Facebook, “A selection of masks will continue to be available after Halloween, so you can be creative in your Live videos any time!” In the coming months, the masks will be available to Android users and users in more countries, so for now, iOS users can have fun with Facebook Live’s Halloween treat.

The social networking site also rolled out themed reaction buttons to honor the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek” last month. Reactions included a Captain Kirk “Haha” and “Angry” Klingon.

What do you think of the Halloween-themed reaction buttons and masks? Sound off in the comments section below!

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