Email marketing vs marketing automation: Know what’s best for you

  • Both Email Marketing and Marketing Automation aim for enhanced customer engagement in an easier and more time effect manor, but deciding which technology is right for you can be difficult as they both offer similar functions as well as results.

    Identifying what marketing automation and email marketing have, can make it easier to understand what each of them does. To simplify this, the list below shows what services both offer:

    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Drip marketing/campaign Emails
    • Action based Email comms (should a prospect take action on your email, further Email/campaigns will be directed to them)
    • Automated engagement with customers/clients/prospects

    Fundamental and important services are provided from both technologies it would appear, however marketing automation can offer more services but with all the added benefits from Email marketing. For example, marketing automation provides multi-channel engagement with your desired links as well as monitoring progress of prospects, which in turn will allow you to assess the next appropriate action for them – be that further educating them or nurturing them. Unfortunately this isn’t something Email marketing offers, putting them at a slight disadvantage.

    Marketing automation can offer a more complete package for businesses as they generally include web analytics, use of Landing Pages, integration of CRM and all aspects of Email marketing such as: Links to email through social media, standard Email communication, list management of recipients and even possible features for mobile usage.

    It would seem that from the information above, it would be stupid not to assume that marketing automation is the more superior choice, however it may be more suitable for SME’s to use Email marketing as there is the possibility that not all the services provided in marketing automation are needed or will be used, as there will be less demand for it. Email marketing has more simple functions, making it a good place for growing or new businesses to start.

    Understanding the benefits of marketing automation can help you make a better decision, as it may have a particular feature or service you and your business are looking for:

    • Tailored automated engagement with prospects
    • Ability to see marketing as well as sales performances
    • CRM integration to assess consumer/prospect behaviour and actions
    • One efficient system to manage and operate multiple channels

    Remember: marketing automation offers all the functions of Email marketing and more, but all of these services may not be applicable to you and your business.

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