Don’t Skip the Fundamentals!

— July 21, 2017

Don’t Skip the Fundamentals!

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It’s important to remember that being fundamentally sound will certainly help in the quest to operate a successful company. Now one can have a great product or service to offer to one’s market, but it’s the ability to operate in an efficient, employee and customer friendly manner that will lead to long term success. Here are a few fundamentals that I feel are important.

1. Leadership Fundamentals – Make sure that whoever is in charge has the ability to lead. Does this person possess the characteristics to properly lead a group of people? Do they have the ability to see the big picture and understand how all the pieces of the company function as a whole? Can this person think in times of duress versus making hurried decisions that may prove to be disastrous? Are they able to listen and empathize with the employees for whom they are responsible? Do they take the time to understand how the customer experiences the company’s products or services? These are just a few questions to consider for determining if your leaders possess the right fundamentals.

2. Hiring Fundamentals – One’s hiring process must be just that – a process. Does your company have a written hiring process? Can one quickly determine what steps are required when hiring a new employee? Is one able to identify what skill set a candidate should possess? Have you considered what type of interview methods to utilize – one on one or group interviews?

3. Training Fundamentals – Training is key to an employee’s ability to provide the best customer experience possible and to meet employer expectations. Does your company have a formal training program? Are employees probed for feedback regarding training effectiveness? Do not, Do not skip this fundamental!

4. Management Fundamentals – How one manages employees can determine how long they decide to remain with your company and will also impact the level of service received by your customers. Do you have job descriptions and performance standards for each position in your company? Can you get employee performance results on a daily basis without having to ask employees for the information? Are there regularly scheduled feedback sessions – independent of the employee performance review? Do employees know what company key performance indicators their tasks impact? Are performance reviews objectively based or are they vague and subjective?

These are just a few of the fundamentals required for the long term success of any company. Flash and dash is good, but fundamentals create the foundation on which to build a solid organization.

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