Do You Know Video?

— April 7, 2017

2016 was the year video marketing erupted across the internet. We all know how key the use of images in marketing are, but now imagine how important moving images are. We know, it’s crazy isn’t it?

Vision is the most dominate sense.

78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online every day. That is why incorporating video into your marketing strategy is so important. This strategy should complement all areas of your marketing such as your website and social media. If you aren’t using video, then you’re missing a huge audience of potential customers.

People buy with their eyes, if your product is shown on a video then you are more likely to have better engagement than it just being explained using an image and text. Video marketing compared with other forms of marketing, is so easy for customers to consume.

The revolution.

2016 saw the start of the new revolution in video marketing. Your customers love watching videos and marketing channels, such as social media, are full of them. Research has proven that having an embedded video on the homepage of your website, can increase your chance of appearing on Google’s first page by x53, due to their purchase of the website YouTube.

Video does not only inform your customers about your products, but aids your organic SEO campaign. For example, having your video linked to your YouTube page means that you have strong back links to your website. You can also optimise your YouTube page for SEO using title tags, keyword relevance, tags, strong description of the video and time stamps. By doing this you are feeding your organic SEO campaign, by moving you up to the top of the Google rankings for your key search terms.

Where are we at then?

Social media platforms have jumped on the video marketing train with full force, by creating new features that encourages video content. For Example,

  • Facebook – Has 360 degree videos and Facebook live.
  • Instagram – Have upped the maximum video length to 60 seconds, has an auto-play feature and you can create video stories.
  • Twitter – Encourages the use of GIFs (short 4 second videos) and Periscope.
  • Snapchat – You can go live on Snapchat and send videos/post stories for your friends to view.

It’s quite simple when it comes to video, that people share emotions, not facts. Video’s while being informative about your business, product or services should also be fun and engaging. 57% of consumers have said that watching videos gave them more confidence to purchase online. Just because it is a business video doesn’t mean it must be boring and serious, so have a bit of fun with it. Video marketing is versatile and profitable, if you can’t afford the fancy equipment don’t worry, you could even live stream to Facebook from your phone.

Don’t neglect video when it comes to creating your marketing strategy. You should have a balance of different relevant areas of marketing included in your plan. Make sure if you are using video that you are backing it up with the likes of SEO and an engaging website to drive your traffic too. One size does not fit all when it comes to marketing. Remember that video marketing doesn’t have to be lights, camera, action, it can also include short animations for use on your website or social media. So, keep on-trend in 2017 and include video in your marketing.

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