Create A Reason To Buy Your Personal Brand’s Product

— November 28, 2016


A unique selling proposition or USP is a key ingredient to attracting an interested audience for your brand’s products or services. Once you capture their attention in a compelling way it is much easier to convert your leads into sales. Reaching the right audience with a message specific to your business is the key to success.

So how exactly does a personal brand create the right USP? The method is simple once you conduct targeted research as to exactly who your target market is and what they are looking for. This includes tracking their conversations and staying on top of latest trends.

With a clear focus your personal brand can help produce loyal brand ambassadors in three ways.

How to create a winning USP

Here are several tips to effectively promote your personal brand online.

  • Set your brand apart – What can you offer that no one else in your market is? A unique message is generated after becoming familiar with your competitors and staying up to date on the latest products or services they are selling. Keep track of customer mentions and feedback to learn how to do things differently.

  • Scope out the different marketing channels – Learn where your customers are engaging the most. This could be through major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or on top ranking blogs. The goal is to craft a message where they are active that is offering something they are searching for.

  • Research customer reviews – Social media and websites like Yelp, Google, and Bing allow brands to track valuable feedback not only on the competition, but right from their own customer base. This is an opportunity to respond to your community and address issues that can be solved in a helpful way.

Your personal brand’s USP should have a clear definition of who you are, and include content that is compelling, and meets the needs and desires of your audience. When it comes to proper brand placement your business has the opportunity to not only attract more leads, but grow your influence online.

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