Consulting: The path for Independence

Consulting: The path for Independence

The Rat Race

Robert Kiyosaki in his Rich Dad philosophy is focusing on how to escape from the rat race. It is a good way of describing the trap of being an employee to others and spending your whole life getting the pay-cheque; paying your expenses and mortgage loan. Robert Kiyosaki is using the Cash Flow game strategies that he designed as an excellent way of to explain the rat race, and then guiding the player to plan and take action to be independent.

Cash Flow 101 Board Game to get out of Rat Race is more than just a game, although it is simple game with a version available online; however it is a philosophy and strategies to follow.

Robert Kiyosaki is not the only person who devoted his live experience to educate people how to escape the rat race; I found many other people who has more focus explaining and guiding individuals to be independent. 

Taking Consistent Actions

Beside the theory of escaping the rat race, Anthony Robbins in his two books written in his early life, “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within” emphasized more on taking consistent actions and breaking the limitations of inherited thinking mind-set to get individuals to follow through and live with passion. Many people influenced by Anthony Robbins strategies of building the self-foundation of skills to be successful.

Both Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins are encouraging individuals to change their life and become debt free.

Anthony Robbins philosophy dig deep into the personal mindset, explains deeply how to understand your unconscious limitations inherited from the culture or developed from earlier experiences. I really like the way he describes pain and pleasure, and how you can use them to motivate yourself to take action. With Robbins focus on breaking barriers and eliminating earlier developed mental and cultural limitations, he is providing extensive guidance on taking actions and following through. I like Robbins repeated statement is his speeches “Live with passion

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Program

I have attended webinar to Sam Ovens and impressed by his webinar; he explained the path and program he has developed to teach people how-to become independent consultants. Sam explained very well that you do not need to be expert on everything to be a consultant; however, you need to have enough motivation and courage to engage in his program and build your successful consulting career.

The Sky is your limit, it is true once you start to take action and follow through by building a network and engaging the network with your day-to-day actions will guarantee you successive results of success, ultimately you will build something tangible.

Start somewhere, eliminate your fears, listen to others with your heart and mind open, do not disregard other people successful experience; at the same time do not take it for granted, exercise your way and create new experience that you can share with others to succeed as you succeed.

Get out of your comfort zone

The path to build your consulting career is not a promise to be millionaire by a click of a button, it is a self-decision to take with enough self-push to overcome your personal limitations, go through the proven steps and take consistent actions. The pain and pleasure as per Anthony Robbins philosophy is the driver pushing people out of their comfort zone. If you do not have enough pain from your current situation and enough pleasure take a stand and follow through, no one can help you be independent.

It is always better to hire a coach to help you through your way, with a coach you can plan your time, discover your strengths and weaknesses and focus on your best to develop more.

Sam Oven Program on my words

  • Arrange yourself with focus on what you want to achieve as independent person, learn what matter to you to make results
  • Teach yourself how to be good listener, let people to tell you about their pain and how they want you to help them, do not invent things no body welling to consume
  • Sam explains very well in easy words, why consulting is good vehicle to make money and become independent
  • Pick your niche, it is not necessary to be well equipped with many skills to pick a niche, the most important motive is to have enough passion to learn through your journey and apply what you learned
  • Use the technology, utilize the internet, do videos, make mailing list, develop presentations and publish online
  • Price your services well, do not under-value yourself
  • Use others services to focus on your strength, do not do everything yourself

The promise

The most important message Sam Oven delivers, if you cannot afford hiring a coach to help you through your journey, is enough sign that you need to hire a coach and accelerate your path to success.

Author: Jawad Alalawi

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