Choosing the Best Places to Hire Freelancers Amongst All the Noise

— October 21, 2018

There’s one major thing that entrepreneurs, business owners, project managers, or HR managers find especially struggling: choosing the most suitable places to hire freelancers. Nowadays, freelancing platforms and marketplaces are extremely popular both among independent contractors and clients. There are some renowned websites everyone’s heard of and there is a plethora of other new, smaller ones that make their big entrances, promising an innovative hiring process and exciting remote working experience. With all these options out there, there’s no wonder that deciding which are the best to stick to is no easy task.

Choosing the Best Places to Hire Freelancers Amongst All the Noise

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The truth is that most freelancing platforms are very similar one to another: you post the job description, independent contractors apply to your gig, you interview some of them, and choose the one(s) that seem like a good fit. However, each and every freelancing hiring website has that one tiny feature, that unique differentiating factor that sets it apart from all the others. And this is exactly what you have to take into account when making your final decision. In the next paragraphs, we’ll pick a handful of the most promising freelancing platforms, break their unique features down, and exemplify the business needs that would greatly benefit from them.


I’m sure that everyone has heard about Upwork. This freelancer marketplace is very straightforward, trustworthy, and user-friendly. One of the most helpful features that this platform offers is the video chat and voice calls add-in. You can make calls, interview, and get in touch with the freelancers you hire without relying on external apps or software. Besides that, Upwork has its own desktop time clock, that records the freelancers’ working hours, takes regular print screens of their progress, and sends everything to you right away. Thus, you’ll know exactly how much time the contractor has spent on a certain task and how much you owe them based on the hours they’ve worked.

Choosing the Best Places to Hire Freelancers Amongst All the Noise

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Giggrabbers offers a very interesting perspective. Not only can clients hire freelancers for their projects, but they can also raise funds. Hence, if you need to get a project done but you lack the funds to pay independent contractors, you can try the platform’s crowdsourcing features, raise funds, and use them to pay the freelancers you hire on Giggrabbers. Giggrabbers also helps clients learn about projects and the latest business trends around.

Choosing the Best Places to Hire Freelancers Amongst All the Noise

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As its name suggests, PeoplePerHour is suitable for those who need to hire freelancers by the hour. Once you’ve posted your project, you can choose from the people that are qualified to get the job done and keep everything under control with the project stream, a tool that allows you to message, attach files, leave feedback, receive invoices, and send payments right from the same place.


The popular platform for hiring remote workforce has been around for a long time by now. Besides having a similar hiring process with other websites such as Upwork, Freelancer‘s Contests feature is the one that truly stands out. Basically, if you need anything from a logo design, t-shirt design, website design, packaging design, or mobile app design, to an illustration or a sales letter, you can decide for a budget, create a contest, choose the winning idea and release the funds. Here, freelancers won’t send you their resume and portfolio, they’ll work on your task and submit their entry to your contest.

Choosing the Best Places to Hire Freelancers Amongst All the Noise

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As you’ve probably noticed, each of these platforms has its own special sauce when it comes about hiring freelancers. Therefore, start with clearly defining your project’s requirements and your organization’s needs. Afterward, analyze the websites one by one and see which ones are the most suitable for your business. There’s nothing wrong in trying all of them out. Actually, it’s kind of advisable, especially if you’re new in the world of remote hiring. By learning how to use multiple freelance marketplaces, you’ll make an informed decision and wisely choose which to stick with on the long run.

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