CEO LinkedIn Mistakes that Harm their Business and Reputation

October 15, 2015
When did you last update your LinkedIn Profile?

Are you regularly Blogging?

Do you use Social Media for Crisis Management?


According to a new report by, only 32% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies have some kind of social media presence. The CEOs that do have a social media presence, only one in four has a LinkedIn profile, and 8% have a Facebook profile.

The majority of CEOs are currently failing to leverage the major social media networks. I.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram. This is despite the businesses and organisations they operate having a heavy social media presence.

In today’s competitive marketplace failure to leverage social media, especially LinkedIn is not only costing your business but your reputation. This is one of the reasons Richard Branson uses social media extensively:

People often wonder how I find time to tweet and update my blog so regularly. How do they not find the time, I wonder? Social media is such a terrific way to connect with our customers that I would never miss out.”- Richard Branson

Here is a list of the most common CEO mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn.

Poor Profile

LinkedIn profile is your first contact with a potential business partner, recruiter, headhunter, customer and client. A good profile will give you the best possible start to a good working business relationship. To that end ensure you’re:

  • Picture: Is welcoming and clear yet professional. Think of it as a handshake.
  • Headline: Make sure you state your vision and demonstrate your expertise
  • Custom URL: Make your URL easy to remember by featuring your name
  • Experience: List your key positions and explain your role
  • Summary: State your vision and in relation to your current role

Not having a profile is poor practice, not having a good one is poor practice.

Failure to Share Wisdom

LinkedIn provides a feature where you can publish blogs. The Publish Posts feature is being used right now by executives all over the world. This is the perfect place where you can show the world your expertise and experience. This has many positive effects including attracting talent to your business, as well as increasing your chance of being headhunted.

The other aspect to this is sharing your knowledge on social media. Like the blogs, social updates are a good way to get your vision and company message across to a wide audience. CEOs who are not sharing their knowledge and wisdom are doing themselves a disservice.

Failure to Manage a Crisis

Social media can also be used as a ‘first response’ in a crisis. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to address journalists and financial markets. A timely social media response when disaster strikes can see a crisis resolved much faster. Saving time and money. A CEO’s word carries weight, and social media especially LinkedIn, allows you to leverage the power you have under tense circumstances. This is providing of course, that you have a social media presence.

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