Build Viral Buzz Like A Pro with 10 Hours of Instruction For $39

December 31, 2015


We’ve all heard the term “viral” as it pertains to reaching the top of the pop culture buzz feed, but what does it truly take to make digital content make an impact with the masses? In an era where consumers tune out of TV commercials and print ads, it takes calculated expertise to understand just how to speak to your audience and establish high-ranking Google results. Thankfully, Simplilearn’s training course in the On-Demand Viral Marketing & Social Media Online Training teaches you the essential skills for creating buzz like a pro – and for a limited time it’s just $ 39 at the B2C Shop.

Through 5 courses with more than 25 chapters & 10 hours of content, freelancers, startups and hobbyists alike will learn the tricks of developing YouTube and Facebook campaigns, understanding which word to bid on in Google ads and optimize your Google placement. With the downloadable workbooks and simulation exams, you’ll grasp how to navigate a real-life marketing campaign, and upon course completion you’ll earn certificates for each.

Learn what it takes to create authentic buzz in the marketplace with On-Demand Viral Marketing & Social Media Online Training, now 90% off at the B2C Shop.

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