Break The Service Technician Mold [Infographic]

June 28, 2015

Everyone hates waiting for the cable guy.  It’s the one issue on which we can all agree.  If you’re in the business of scheduling service technicians, you know all about the angry phone calls and the negative viral tweets about the poor service your customer feels they received.  But what if there were a better way to manage your workforce?  What if, instead of constant negative reviews and angry phone calls, your customers could actually be happy about the service they receive?

It’s not a pipe dream.  All you need is a system to better manage all your variables.  In order to keep business moving forward, appointments are often double booked.  Then emergency and priority service calls are added into the schedule for customers who are experiencing problems.  Add in traffic delays and, technicians who aren’t trained to handle the call they were sent to, and necessary parts that are not on the truck, and you have a recipe for a lot of angry customers.

Imagine, instead, all those variables were in a database where they could be known before sending a technician to a call.  Instead of a static schedule, which virtually guarantees your technician will get farther and farther behind, scheduling can be done flexibly, adjusting for new complaints and traffic conditions.  You can make sure you’re sending the right technician with the right parts on his truck to each specific service call without having to waste precious time communicating with him over the phone.  All the information is already in the system!

Wouldn’t you rather have positive customer feedback than all the constant negative customer feedback?  Learn how to optimize your field technicians and improve customer experience from this infographic.  Bad service is so commonplace we take it for granted, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can be the company that turns it around!

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